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Mobile Devices Articles

Backup batteries for routers

November 2022 – In addition to a backup battery for your computer, you can get a less expensive one for your modem and router. This can allow you to use the Internet for awhile if the electricity goes out.

Emergency Info on Your Phone

October 2022 – We can easily setup important medical and contact information that will be available to emergency responders. Here's how.

Interesting Articles

August 2022 – Change your android and iPhone location permissions, fake apps and banking malware articles.

Android Insecurity

July 2022 – Last year Google removed over 1 million malicious apps from their play store. This indicates a significant problem. If they are missing or just haven't found 1% of the malicious apps, then we can assume there are over a thousand in the store today. How can you protect yourself?

T-Mobile's nefarious action

July 2022 – T-Mobile now monitors and sells what browser you use, what websites you visit, your WiFi networks and even what apps you use. They sell the results to anyone who will pay them. Here's how to opt out.

FBI Monitors phones of 10,000 people without a warrant

August 2021 – The FBI and Australian Government sold an Anon privacy phone and VPN service to people on the dark web for a few years. It enabled many drug busts and arrests, but bypassed American civil liberties.

Interesting Articles

May 2021 – Articles on security and privacy invasions by Google and the lack of security for voting machines.

The Best Password Managers

April 2021 – What types of password managers are there and which are best?

Fleksy mobile device Keyboard

April 2021 – Fleksy is the best keyboard I've found for typing on my tablet. I type much better and quicker with it than any of the other 8 or so keyboards I've tried. It is a free download for Android and iOS. It is also privacy oriented and isn't sending your typing out or tracking you.

Android Access Dots

February 2021 – Be alerted when your Android device uses your camera or microphone.

Best articles of 2020

December 2020 – A list of the best articles of 2020. These are the ones I think are most important.

Mobile Device Browsers

November 2020 – Rating a few browsers for mobile devices on Android.

Safer Mobile DNS Service

October 2020 – Why and how to get secure DNS service easily with Android devices.

Old time radio player

August 2020 – Travel back in time and listen to great radio mysteries, dramas and comedies from yesteryear. Over 15,000 episodes from more than 130 shows are available, all free of charge.

Android Insecurity

May 2020 – Problems with Android security. Don't bank with them.

Brave for Android

April 2020 – Brave is currently my browser of choice for Android devices.

Blokada: Excellent Android Ad-blocker

March 2020 – An excellent free open source adblocking app for Android devices. This will block ads across all your apps, not simply inside a particular browser.

Choosing a Notebook computer

August 2019 – What are the questions you should consider before choosing a laptop computer? What are your options. What variables should be considered?

Mobile banking apps insecure

May 2019 – Mobile Banking and other financial services apps are shockingly insecure. If possible, remove them from your phones.

CloudFlare's DNS service

March 2019 – CloudFlare is offering an excellent DNS service we should be using on our mobile devices.

Back to Nature

March 2019 – The most joyous twitter feed I know about.

Syncing Notes between devices

February 2019 – If you'd like to automatically have your notes or other writing synchronized on all your devices, there are some excellent options.

Funny wifi passwords

January 2019 – Some very funny Guest WiFi passwords. Imagine your friend telling you this and and you trying to type the password.

Google Security Checkup

December 2018 – Google will examine your accounts for some behaviors related to your device security and inform you of possible issues. This is a good thing to do occasionally.

WiFi 6 coming in 2019

November 2018 – Wifi 6 is coming. It will be faster and better able to handle congested environments. It will also improve battery life.

Army knife Android app

September 2018 – This app contains a set of tiny tools: a unit converter, a compass (magnetometer required), a bubble level, a calculator, a stop watch, a timer, a magnifying glass, a mirror (front camera required), a ruler and a flashlight (app and widget).

Grammarly Mobile keyboard

August 2018 – Grammarly has a very nice mobile keyboard for iOS and Android. It helps you with grammar and clarity issues even from your mobile device.

Typable Random Passwords

May 2018 – Making passwords a little easier to type when that is necessary. Putting hyphens in passwords.

Developing a longterm relationship with your battery

March 2018 – A simple non-technical guide to having a better relationship with your battery. Like many relationships, if you treat it better, it will treat you better.

Great new KeePass2Android feature

January 2018 – Keepass2Android Share feature makes it even easier to access your passwords on your phone or tablet.

Who owns your stuff?

January 2018 – Who owns the books you buy from Amazon, Audible or Kobo? I chatted with their support. Here are the answers I got and suggestions for leaving your collections to your heirs.


January 2018 – Use signal for simple, secure messaging, and calling. Call and message safely and securely.

AquaMail Android Email Program for phones and tablets

November 2017 – AquaMail is an excellent Android EMail client. It is pretty, provides lots of options, and does everything you might want an email client to do.

Free Mobile Apps

September 2017 – What are you really paying for "free" apps?

Tunnelbear VPN Service security audit

September 2017 – Tunnelbear VPN has demonstrated industry leadership, security consciousness, and transparency with their decision to pay for an external audit and publish the results. This is an excellent VPN service choice.

Clean up your Google App Permissions

August 2017 – Over the years we give more and more apps permission account for something. Occasionally you should and clean up the ones that don't make sense.

Xfinity now offers cell phone service!

August 2017 – Xfinity has started a cell phone service that could be an excellent buy for many Comcast Internet subscribers.

Wireless printers and networking considerations

June 2017 – The differences between ad-hoc and infrastructure networks and the need to avoid printer makers quick and easy wifi installation processes.

AnySoft Keyboard for Android

May 2017 – Excellent Android keyboard which keeps your typing private. You can think of it as a privacy keyboard. Many options and keyboard styles.

Improving Wifi connection

March 2017 – This simple technique improved my WiFi reception at my Roku box 20 fold. How to reduce interference on the 2.4 GHz channels.

US Mobile

January 2017 – Inexpensive no-contract service that will be excellent for the right audience.


January 2017 – Podcasts are an excellent way to listen to what you want when you want. Podcast Republic is an excellent podcast player and it has a fantastic car mode.

Chromebooks- the Computer Appliance

August 2016 – Many people want a computer to work like an appliance. Just plug it in, turn it on and it works. It should be very easy. A chromebook will do that. They are fast, safe, secure and easy. But this safety and security comes at a price; your freedom.

Android: WiFi Manager

August 2016 – Quickly switch between WiFi networks and check which you are connected to with a Desktop widget and app.

Google's Find my phone

June 2016 – Google has an easy way to find, ring, lock or even wipe a missing phone.

Mobile App of the Month

May 2016 – Kaspersky Labs' QR Scanner checks for dangerous links in QR Code targets.

Shush! Ringer Restorer

March 2016 – Simple app restores your ringer after a time period, so you don't have to remember after shutting it off. Easy, clean and free.


December 2015 – A wonderful service that lets you send and receive sms text messages from your computer and tablet. It links these with your phone, so your computer and tablet see and can use your phone's texting power.

ColorNote - Fabulous Android Note program

November 2015 – Colornote is an amazing note app for Android. It has over 1 million 5 star reviews on Google Play! I use it frequently on both my tablet and my phone. I use it for my shopping list, things I need to remember, and note taking.

Trustgo Android Mobile Security Discontinued

October 2015 – I've recommended Trustgo Android antivirus in the past. It has been discontinued. I now recommend Avira. Here's why.

Android: Lightning Browser

September 2015 – This is the best Android browser I've found by far. It is very fast and safe. It has all the features I want, but remains small. Possibly best of all, it does not crash as much as any of the other 10 browsers I have tried.

Nova Android Launcher

June 2015 – Nova is a wonderful replacement for the launcher that came with your Android phone or tablet. It will make your device easier to use, and better tailored to your needs. It'll also be prettier.

Mobile App of the Month

April 2015 – Contacts+ is a great replacement for the standard mobile contacts application.

Mobile App of the Month

March 2015 – SpeakerPhoneEx is a great Android app that uses the proximity sensor to turn the speaker on your phone on or off as it is moved to your ear or away from it.

Stop Using the Android Browser

March 2015 – Android's stock browser is security challenged. Google will not patch it for versions below 4.3 (KitKat). It should not be used.

Lenovo Installs Superfish Malware on New Laptops

February 2015 – Lenovo installed very dangerous malware on new laptops from Septmeber 2014 to February 2015. Here's what it is. How to test for it and how to remove it.


December 2014 – This is a fabulous News aggregator for mobile devices (or Windows). It collects news from over 100,000 sources and allows you amazing customization choosing (or searching) from over a million topics.

Haystack TV News App

December 2014 – Haystack is a News Aggregator app for phones and tablets that collects video news segments rather than printed articles. It is done well and I really like it.

Where I Buy Books

October 2014 – The leading Ebook retailers I use and some factors to consider.

How to Wipe your phone

August 2014 – Before you sell your phone, you need to get your stuff off it. Here's how to do it properly.

Notebook and SSD Power Settings

August 2014 – Windows Sleep and Hibernate are normally unnecessary and sometimes reek havoc with a notebook's proper functioning. You do not need to use them. Here is how to stop it.

Phone Passwords

August 2014 – Phone lockscreen passwords are a hassle. One way to avoid them is to use an App locker instead.

Passwords on phones and tablets

June 2014 – Easy password entry using Keepass2Android on phones and tablets.

Chromebooks, The Computer Appliance

April 2014 – Chromebooks begin a new generation of easy to use, fast, low maintenance and inexpensive computer appliances. Some of the benefits and limitations are discussed.

Firefox is now the best mobile browser

April 2014 – Flexibility, power, freedom and usability now make Firefox the best mobile browser.

Republic Wireless

December 2013 – I really like the phone, service and value of this unusual cell phone provider.

Android App of the Month - The Portland Trailblazers

December 2013 – Portland Trailblazers NBA Basketball team has a new mobile app that is really very good.

Syncing Keepass with Mobile Devices

August 2013 – How to sync your Keepass safe between your phone, tablet and desktop computers

TrustGo Security

August 2013 – TrustGo is an Android antivirus and security app that provides good protection as well as lots of other security features including lock, find and wipe.

Reselling Mobile Devices

August 2013 – Two sites which buy used mobile devices (phones and tablets)


June 2013 – Dwolla is a payment network allowing you to send and accept money within seconds very inexpensively. A potential alternative to high credit card fees.

My Favorite Android Tablet Apps

June 2013 – These are my current (May 29, 2013) favorite Android Apps for my tablet. Perhaps you'll find something new in here.

Google Apps

June 2013 – A short description of Google apps and their advantage over other office options.


April 2013 – I think this is the best keyboard app available for Android. It is also available for the Kindle. Its prediction mechanism is unbelievable.

Secure Internet While Traveling

February 2013 – When connecting to uncontrolled hotspots at cafes or motels you gain a lot of security by using an SSL VPN service to protect your communications from eavesdroppers.

Preserving Mobile battery life

December 2012 – Prolonging the battery life on your mobile phones and tablets.

Google's Android Voice Search

December 2012 – Google's voice search is getting better and better. Here are some examples to help you learn to get the most from it.

Thinking about 7" Tablets and E-Readers

October 2012 – Looking at 7" tablets and E-ink readers. I quickly review some and discuss the various ecosystems, DRM (digital rights management)they represent. I compare the Nexus 7 with the new Kindle Fire HD.

Streaming Video Speed

October 2012 – If you are interested in streaming video, you'll probably need to know what your WiFi speed is at the location you'd be streaming and how fast it needs to be. This article explains both.

Market Share, Android / Apple

October 2012 – Android is gaining more market share compared to Ios

Pocket: App of the Month

August 2012 – Pocket (formerly called read-it-later) is a great way to read an interesting article later on any of your devices, desktop, phone or tablet. Find it anywhere, read it later anywhere.

Google Drive

June 2012 – Google drive offers a simple way to store a lot of files for very little money. This is not a real backup system, but it is online storage that can be very useful. It also provides a simple way to share files between devices.

Android App: AirDroid

June 2012 – This Android app lets you manage your phone from your desktop or notebook computer.

Thinking About a Notebook Computer

April 2012 – This is a form to use to help you think more clearly when trying to decide on a new notebook, netbook, tablet or other mobile computer. It should help you weigh the various pluses and minuses of your options.

Improving You WiFi Coverage

February 2012 – How to improve your WiFi coverage so you can get a good WiFi connection throughout your whole office or home.

Prolonging Battery Life

February 2012 – How to get the best results from your lithium Ion batteries. Improving the battery life of you cell phone, notebook, tablets and ebook readers.

SSD Drives

February 2012 – SSD or Solid State Drives are faster and more reliable than traditional spinning drives. Here is a comparison.

Using Sync

December 2011 – What is Sync and how can you use it? The different types of synchromization. Using Sync for backup. Issues to consider.

21st Century Passwords

December 2011 – Making strong passwords for small form factor devices

Dropbox Issues

August 2011 –

Android Security Issues

August 2011 – Android security issues and a new Android antivirus answer

DropBox Insecurity

June 2011 – Why Dropbox is insecure and more secure options.

Thinking about Ebook Readers

April 2011 – What are the variables to consider before buying an Ebook Reader?

Where to get Ebooks

April 2011 – Where can I buy and download ebooks? now testing

Secure Internet Connections while Traveling

May 2010 – How to set up a trusted connection to the Internet while traveling.

Notebook Battery Preservation

March 2010 – Notebook Battery Life

WEP Needs to Die

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