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Pocket: App of the Month

The Problem

I run into an article at the office that I want to read, but really don't have the time to read now, I want to read it later. Perhaps I'd like to read it lying on the couch using my little tablet, instead of here at the office. Or maybe, I'm going to be a little early at a meeting and would like to read it on my phone. Of course, this same issue sometimes happens when I encounter an article or website on my phone or tablet that I'd like read at the office and perhaps use in a Newsletter article. So, how do I solve this? How do I read it later on my computer or my phone or my tablet? How do I investigate a website I found on one of them, on the others, or just later on the same device?

Do not tell me to email myself. Do not tell me to use Evernote (though I love it). Do not tell me to use browser tabs and sync my bookmarks. There is a better way. It is called Pocket.

Pocket is the Answer

I wrote an article about Pocket a few years ago when it was called Read It Later. It is even better now. You can add this extension to any major browser. It lets you to simply click to add a web page to your free pocket account. The icon to click is added to your address bar.

When you click that icon, the page is automatically added to your account. You can then access that page from within your browser by pulling down the Pocket List.

You can then access the same list from your tablet or phone by using the free Pocket App. Pocket supports the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Kindle Fire and all Android-based tablets and smartphones. They allow you to view web pages, videos and pictures.

This is what the Pocket App looks like on a tablet and a smart phone.

Pocket has over 5 million users and someone is save an item 5 times a second. That's over 400,000 items saved a day. They have an introductory video here.

Date: August 2012

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