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Emergency Info on Your Phone

We can easily setup important medical and contact information that will be available to emergency responders. Here's how.

Our cell phones are normally with us and if we have an emergency, and an emergency responder comes to our aid, he or she will check our cell phone for critical information. Both Android and iOS have programs to allow you to enter information like drug reactions, drug needs and emergency contacts. Once you know this is possible, it seems foolish not to take advantage of it.

These applications can be very sophisticated, including live monitoring and custom emergency calls. However, I was just interested in giving the responders drug and contact information. Your needs might be different.

Apple has it built into their phone. The built-in app is called Medical ID. Just go to the Health app, scroll down, and set up your Medical ID. To access the information on Apple phones, you press and hold the side button and the volume up button at the same time and swipe the Medical ID Slider. I don't have an iPhone, but I'm told this works.

For Android phones it varies. My Moto G has an app which will keep the information in the notification area. I didn't much like it, so I tried a few from the Google Play Store. I chose ICE: In Case of Emergency. It has over Five hundred thousand downloads and is rated 4.7. It let me provide more information than the built-in program and I chose their free version. ICE lets your label different sections, so I could provide a next of kin (in Los Angeles) and a local emergency contact. I have another person set for my durable power of attorney and added that as well. You'll need to give it permission to live in your notification area, but the setup is easy.

Android gives you lots of options, I'd be interested in your feedback if you try some other programs.

Date: October 2022

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