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Clean up your Google App Permissions

Over time most of us accumulate a bunch of apps and go to websites which will access some part of Google, or log in using your Google Account information. For example, I make screen videos with Camtasia Studio and post them to YouTube. I've given Camtasia studio access to my YouTube account so it can upload my videos. I get mail on my tablet and phone using AquaMail, so it has to have access to my Gmail account.

As time passes, we stop using some apps or going to some websites. But, they still have access to our account. They could have access to varying degrees of account information. They might even go out of business and sell their assets, including your account access, to Joe Miscreant.

Therefore, it makes sense to check Google's app permissions page: https://myaccount.google.com/permissions and clean out what you do not want.

Click on any app you want to remove and you'll be able to delete it.

I understand that Facebook has a similar page, and most likely Apple does as well.

Date: August 2017

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