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Android Access Dots

Article for: Android users
Difficulty: simple
Importance: Monitor if your microphone or camera are being accessed

Android Access Dots by IJP is a free app that displays little dots when your device is using either the camera or the microphone. iOS has had this for years. It must run as an Accessibility service. With version 10, this forced me to access Installed services and then turn it on. We must let it control the screen (to turn dots on and off), and monitor sensors.

Under settings, you can control the colors used for each dot and their location and size.


It keeps a log of which apps used the camera and when. Those logs simply record what was in the foreground when the sensor was activated. It stores the logs locally and never sent out.

Access Dots works with Android versions 7 and above.

This app is Ad supported.

Date: February 2021

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