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Stop using the Android Browser

Android devices come equipped with a browser and Google often supplies their Chrome browser. Google has stopped supporting both the Chrome Android browser and the stock Android browser for versions below 4.3 (Kit Kat). There are security flaws in it, so get another browser. The default Android browser is called Browser.

Good Browsers to use

Fortunately there are lots of great browsers available for Android. Play with a few of them and see what you like. You don't need to do anything unless you have an old phone or tablet using a version of Android below 4.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich or below).

  • Opera Browser for Android: This is my preferred browser. I like their start screen and some other features, but the really big difference maker for me is that for the sites I visit, their pinch / zoom works better than any other browser. So when I go to a website I am usually able enlarge the font and still have it reformat to my screen. That way I don't have to choose between squinting at tiny text and scrolling horizontally to view each line.
  • Puffin: I don't use this often, but when I want to view a flash video, this is my go to browser. It renders flash well in Android. It uses a web based new version of flash, so it's more secure than other alternatives.
  • Firefox has a good Android browser
  • Javelin: Is a small fast browser that also offers a reading mode. Give it a try.

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Date: March 2015

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