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FBI taps phones of 10,000 people

FBI and foreign governments trap 800 alleged criminals and confiscate lots of guns and tons of illegal drugs. The FBI, along with the Australian government, setup a dark web special secure VPN and phone service for criminals to use. They sold it as a special stripped down secured version of Android with important security features, like an emergency password, which is a password that wipes your phone if entered. Just give it to the cops, and they will wipe your phone for you. Promising absolute privacy they sold the service for $1,500 to $2,000 per 6-month period. They sold 10,000 of them to possible criminals all over the world. It resulted in the biggest bust ever, of over 800 alleged criminals as of July 1.

This is really neat, but also frightening. Americans have constitutional privacy protections which the FBI bypassed. They had a foreign government record all the phone conversations of American citizens and then turn the records over to the FBI. This way the FBI bypassed all the constitutionally protected safeguards, like needing to be suspected of a crime before your phone gets wiretapped, or getting a judge to sign a warrant. As far as we know, there were legitimate whistleblowers or political opponents who got those phones because they believed it protected them from government surveillance.

Date: August 2021

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