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Haystack TV News App

Haystack is another news app for those who want to watch their news instead of read it, or for readers who are just feeling a little lazy and want to watch awhile. It has lots of advantages over tv news:
  • No advertisements
  • Tailor your categories
  • Only watch the articles you are interested in

Twice a day Haystack will collect stories and provide you with a tailored home page that will look something like this.

Your home screen has a news story on top and a list below it. They collect video news stories from: CNN, Fox, AP, MSNBC, NYTimes, BBC, Newsy and many more. You can tailor your news of course and select any channel instead of the mixed option of your home page. Notice that it shows you how old the story is on the right.

You can hit the thumbs up icon above to have more articles like that appear on your home screen. The hash tags on the upper left will allow you to follow key words in stories.

Here are their channels. You can choose with ones appear on your home page, and also just choose to watch the top news from any of those categories.

All in all, Haystack is an excellent alternative to the mishmash of daily TV news programs.

Date: December 2014

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