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Google Apps

I have been using my tablet more and more. Along with that move is a move to Google Apps. I use their spreadsheet for my simple spreadsheet needs. I use Google Docs for some of my word processing (though most of my work is still done in Treepad). Google Docs allows me to work on something on my tablet and on my desktop.

You work on your documents directly in your Google cloud drive. Just as GMail holds all your mail in the cloud, so Google drive works directly with your cloud storage. This makes sharing completely different than something like DropBox. Because files are written directly to the cloud drive, not your local computer you do not end up with synchronization problems. If two people work on a document at the same time, both of their edits are shown while they are occurring. If you want it available off-line, then you can have it synchronize back down to your local computer after it has updated the cloud version.

Date: June 2013

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