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Computer Support for Very Small Businesses

Most of my clients are Small businesses and home offices usually with 1 to 5 people. I support a few home users. I keep their computers running simply, safely and profitably.

Why am I different?

  • I spend a lot of time asking questions to better understand the needs and problems of my clients.
  • I help my clients to focus on exactly what problems they are trying to resolve and what technology would assist them.
  • My emphasis is on simplicity and safety, to reduce future support needs and improve ease of operation.
  • Much of my work is done quickly via remote support to provide my clients with immediate help.
To further assist my clients I publish a bi-monthly Newsletter and many forms they can use themselves. The past issue newsletter articles can be found via search as well as browsed by category.

You will learn a lot about how I work by just browsing this website, or just call me at 503 244 7517 and we'll discuss your computer needs.

Freely download and share forms I use for setting up routers, thinking about a new notebook, doing monthly maintenance and other issues. You can use these yourself if you like.

Some Client Recommendations:

"Only Steve handles my computer!! He works quickly and efficiently. I have never had a problem he hasn't been able to solve. Ever! He stays ahead of my needs and makes excellent suggestions. l make money and I save money because of Steve's guidance and help. Steve's unmatched in the security department -- I've had three minor viruses attacks since he locked down four successive machines in nineteen years and they were all my own fault. See for yourself - subscribe to his newsletter --- trust me!"
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Matthew (Matt) Gloege, Owner, Family Homes of Oregon

"I have known Steve since 1988. He is a knowledgeable computer solutions consultant with a long list of satisfied clients he has retained for many years. Steve and I have worked together on many projects. He is my computer hardware and networking consultant, and I am happy to refer Steve to anyone who needs his service.”
Lindy Robertson, Owner, Computer Companion

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