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Grammarly Keyboard

In June, I wrote an article on three writing aid programs. Grammarly was one of them. I am also impressed with their mobile app. They have keyboard apps for both Android and iOS. These keyboards are free and assist you with grammar and spelling suggestions.

It is slick. This is a good keyboard which instead of making predictions, informs you of spelling and/or grammar mistakes. It will auto-correct spelling, but requires you select their offered grammar suggestions.

I type very little on my phone, but do use this keyboard on my tablet. I take notes at meetings and answer emails from my tablet and this helps. It is free, but they will try to convince you to buy their paid subscription and will eventually offer you a special low price. Since I paid for a ProWritingAid subscription, I just use the free Grammarly.

They have browser extensions for major browsers, so if you are using Firefox or Chrome, you can get a free Grammarly extension for your browser. This way you have a writing aid for on-line writing. Those of us using Cliqz, do not have that option as Cliqz closed the browser extension path as it is a major opening for malware. You get something, but also lose something.


Date: August 2018

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