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Secure Internet While Traveling

When you have a mobile device, phone, notebook, or tablet, you may want to log in at a restaurant, coffee shop, motel or other insecure place. These are insecure, even if they have a password, because you do not control the router you are communicating with.

The best way to handle this problem is to setup a secure, private, authenticated connection to a trusted source, then let them pass you out to the Internet. Nothing you send to them can be seen or understood by anyone. You establish a link to them and your software authenticates them. Then it works with their server to setup an encrypted link, like your bank uses, to provide secure communications that no one can monitor. Finally, they decrypt the communications and pass it on to the Internet. For years I've recommended Witopia, which is excellent. However, I've found two services that offer additional benefits:
  • Some Free usage
  • Lower cost
  • Apps for Windows, Mac, Android and IOS (Ipad and Iphone)
  • Easier to use
I've been playing with both of these apps on my Android Tablet and find them both fully functional. Given that they can be free, it is crazy not to use them for mobile computing.


I like TunnelBear best because:
  • It is very inexpensive (even offering free service to occasional users)
  • It offers Windows, Mac, Android (4.01 or better), Iphone and Ipad clients
  • It is very simple
  • The Android App is adorable!
  • They install very little and have a small footprint.
  • No extra services are run, no advertising added.

This is not needed if you are using your cell phone account for your Internet access, but only if you are using wifi or wired connections at uncontrolled places. The free account allows you 500 MB of traffic per month. This is fine for my use with my tablet. Account options:
  • Unlimited use on a notebook and up to 2 mobile devices: $4.99 per month or $49.99 annually
  • Unlimited use on a single Android or IOS mobile device (tablet or phone) : $2.99 month or $29.99 annually
  • Up to 500 MB per month: Free
[ Removed section on HotspotShield - sep 6, 2017]

Date: February 2013

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