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My Approach to Computer Consulting

I started Oregon Computer Solutions in Portland in 1984, with the intention of developing long term relationships to help clients make good decisions and prevent problems. Most of my clients have been working with me for over 20 years. I do much less computer repair and virus removal than most other consultants, because my clients' computers seldom break down or get viruses. We spend more time preventing and less fixing. When emergencies do occur, we have backup plans in place for quick recovery.

I help them choose the best hardware and software for their needs. Then we develop procedures including backup. Most of my work is with very small 1-9 person businesses. I have a few clients who are just home users without a business. They want their systems to be safe and easy to use.

Steve Shank
Oregon Computer Solutions
18485 SW Pacific Drive Unit 66
Tualatin OR 97062
503 244 7517


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I support these products among others:

  • Spideroak Backup
  • Second Copy Backup
  • Macrium Reflect
  • Equus Computers
  • Thunderbird Email
  • PDFxchange editor
  • Chaos Software
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Scrivener Writing Application
  • Joplin Note taking and management
  • MoneyDance Personal Finance
  • EM Client Email
  • Vivaldi Browser (also Firefox and Brave)
  • Keepass Password Manager


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