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TrustGo Security

Update Sep 15, 2015: Trustgo was purchased by Chinese search giant Baidu and was transformed into Baidu Mobile Security which doesn't seem interested in the English speaking market or Google Play Store. Trustgo no longer exisits, has no website, and hasn't been updated in over a year. Apparently the new Baidu product is pretty good, but I can't recommend it to Americans.

My new favorite antivirus program for both my Android phone and tablet is TrustGo. It finds viruses as well as any other antivirus program, scoring with the best from both AV Comparitives and AV-Test. It has a nice clean interface and seems to consume no resources and no slowdown. A comparison with other products (provided by Trustgo) is here.

What I particularly like however, which comes even with the free version, is their remote security features. They allow you to remotely set an alarm, find your phone or tablet, lock it, or wipe it. You can login to your account from your computer and initiate any of these actions.

View from account screen web login.

In addition, they authorize apps by checking them and making sure they are safe. They also provide tools for managing memory and battery.

Date: August 2013

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