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Preserving mobile battery life

  • Be Careful with Ad-Supported apps. A lot of battery life can be wasted getting and displaying ads.
  • Be a little stingy with Widgets. Anything you have running and updating all the time will use more battery life than something on a timer which updates on a schedule, or which only updates when run.
  • Avoid bright and Light Wallpapers, they use more battery life than darker ones.
  • Turn off Push. Have Email check but not sync. Like the widget suggestion above, having a program open for constant updating can suck batteries dry quickly.
  • Check you battery use to see where the power goes.
    • In Android 2.35 it is settings/ Applications / Battery use.
    • In Android 4.2 it is settings / Battery
  • 4G requires more battery than 3G. The less you use your data plan with 3 or 4 G connectivity, the longer your battery will last. Use WiFi when you can.

Date: December 2012

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