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Old Time Radio Player

Article for: The nostalgic and curious
Difficulty: Easy
Importance: None

Travel back in time and listen to grand old radio mysteries, dramas and comedies from yesteryear. Over 15,000 episodes from over 130 shows are available, all free.

Mobile software design is a small software company that made software to organize and play old public domain radio shows on our phones, tablets or computers. Shows like Captain Midnight, Superman, Boston Blackie, Philip Marlowe, Burns and Allen, Father Knows Best, The life of Riley, Jack Benny, Our Miss Brooks, Ozzie and Harriet, You Bet Your Life, The Cisco Kid, Flash Gordon and Dimension X are all available for our entertainment.

You select the Genre you want and choose from the shows within that genre. Then select the episode and listen. Just like people did before television!


They have applications that run from your computer using your browser, Android or iOS device. You get the actual recording of the programs, just as people originally played them. Most of the shows come from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. The ads themselves are astounding. You'll learn about the smooth and slow burning premium tobacco in Camel cigarettes and much more.

The Android version offers a free app with a small ad at the bottom of the screen and a 99 cent paid version without the ad.

Date: August 2020

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