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Backup Power for Routers

In addition to a backup battery for your computer, you can get a less expensive one for your modem and router. This will allow you to use the Internet for awhile if the electricity goes out.

Most of you know I strongly recommend a battery backup for your computers, especially a tower. But, few of you use a battery to back up your modem and router as well. You can get a perfectly good battery backup for your Internet connection for $60. This will allow you to continue using your Internet connection for about half an hour after the lights are out. This can be well worth the $60.

I recommend the APC UPS BE425M. This Battery Backup and Surge Protector offers 425 VA Backup Battery Power. That's enough to keep your modem and router running for at least 30 minutes to do the needful. It has 2 surge only outlets and 4 battery and surge outlets. But it is not for a computer. It does not have advanced voltage regulation and it isn't strong enough for a full computer and monitor. It is powerful enough, though, for a modem and router.

It is small and unobtrusive. You can buy it at Amazon.

Triplite and Cyberpower have similar but less powerful units for a few dollars less, but I recommend the APC.

Date: November 2022

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