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Where to Get Ebooks +++++

Many people who buy an Ebook reader, end up getting their ebooks from the same place they got their reader and end up being a captured audience. So, I've listed some places to get ebooks, most of which I've bought books from and like. Kobo, Nook and Sony and all USA libraries use the open Epub format. Kindle uses the proprietary Mobi format. Since the Kindle sells so well, nearly all  the independent stores offer Kindle formatted books in addition to the Epub books, but neither Barnes and Noble or Sony do.

It is worthwhile to shop around. Today  I was looking for a book and found it at 6 different stores for prices ranging from $5.41 to $23.03. This is the biggest spread I've seen, but it isn't unusual for me to find a book a few dollars cheaper at another store. No store always has the best price, but I think Amazon has the best prices more than any other store.

Most of these stores maintain a record of your purchases, and you can download again in the future if you need to.


Reader Stores

  • Sony Store: http:⁄⁄ebookstore.sony.com⁄download⁄ - These books can be read on any reader that supports Epub. In other words, just about any reader except the Kindle.
  • Kobo: http:⁄⁄www.kobobooks.com⁄ . These books can be read on any reader that supports Epub. In other words, just about any reader except the Kindle.
  • Both Amazon and Barnes and Noble sell ebooks, but they can only be read on their proprietary reader or with their software.


Independent Stores with DRM

These are independent stores selling DRM protected Ebooks in a variety of formats for just about every reader. If you buy a new Ebook reader in the future, you will likely be able to download the books you purchased from them in a  format compatible with your new reader.


Independent DRM Free

These places sell books without DRM protection. You can copy them without restriction, but remember, this is an honor system. You are not to give them away or sell them to others.



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Date: April 2011

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