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May 2018

Work Remotely

A good, secure, inexpensive way to use your office computer from anywhere. Work from home or while traveling, safely and conveniently.

Skateboarding Dog

This dog actually skateboards. Short video.

Symantec's Internet Security Threat Report

Summary of Symantec's 2018 threat analysis report for 2017. Trends in Ransomware, Crypto Currency mining and Supply Chain attacks are highlighted.

Typable Random Passwords

Making passwords a little easier to type when that is necessary. Putting hyphens in passwords.

Replace Malwarebytes with Superantispyware

I've switched my clients from Malwarebytes to Superantispyware, and uninstalled Malwarebytes. It was hassling my clients too much nagging them to upgrade. Those who mistakenly purchased their paid version, sometimeshad conflicts and computer slowdowns. Superantispyware is an excellent replacement for a second check to be run once a month manually.

Transferring your digital assets

How to Make sure your lawyer, trust attorney, estate planner, or executor has access to your online assets, like Facebook or investment accounts.

Check your router

More problems have been found with UPnP open and facing the Internet on routers. Here's how to check your router.

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