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January 2019

When Websites don't work

Sometimes you go to a webpage and it doesn't work right. The most common reason for this problem is that you have some security measure which is blocking it. This article will explain how to find these issues and quickly adjust your settings so you can do your work.

Funny wifi passwords

Some very funny Guest WiFi passwords. Imagine your friend telling you this and and you trying to type the password.

Monitor your email address for breaches

Mozilla.org has started a new service to allow you to monitor your email addresses to see if they were included in a breach. I suggest using it.

TunnelBear security audit 2018

Tunnelbear has completed its 2nd annual security audit and published the results. Third party security audits are important for determining whether a VPN is actually improving our security and privacy.

Thunderbird, using a master password

Use a master password to encrypt and protect your email passwords. A how to guide for Thunderbird and Intellect.

Microsoft giving up on Edge

Microsoft gives up trying to create their own HTML rendering engine.

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