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January 2021

Layered Security for 2021

Protecting yourself and your office or home from Internet miscreants, requires a multi-level approach. There is no simple silver bullet. There are layers of risk management that need to be addressed.

Improvements in Ransomware distribution

We are seeing the advantages of specialization and division of labor play out brilliantly in the new ransomware market.

Fake security

So often there are security measures like the above, which seem more theater than actual protection.

Check your privacy settings

As laws and regulations take effect, we are gaining some possible control over who tracks us, and shares our information with marketers. It is worthwhile to visit places that have your information and opt out of their merchandising you. Here's a headstart.

Excellent Vivaldi video

Excellent video review showing lots of outstanding Vivaldi features. It is from a marketing perspective, but works for anyone.

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