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July 2020

Create Windows 10 installation media

I explain and recommend making two emergency boot disks for your computer. One for your image backup program, the other for Windows. New Windows installation disks should be made after each major feature update.

Vivaldi built-in adblocker

Vivaldi is my favorite browser. Now that they have a simple built-in adblocker and anti-tracker, I'm recommending it for everyone.

For Fun

How To Geek is an excellent website for learning about computer tips and tricks. They also have a daily comic and an interesting daily newsletter.

How to Postpone Windows Feature updates

Windows 10 Feature updates should be postponed. I explain how and why here.

When a Window leaves the screen

Sometimes Windows open off of your screen, so it appears the program doesn't open. This article explains how to move the off-screen windows back onto your screen.

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