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March 2017

Ransomware Made Easy

Why are ransomware attacks skyrocketing? What can I do about it? Ransomware is being marketed to hackers so they can attack more people more easily and even get technical support and client managment.

Cliqz Browser

Cliqz is a new safer, faster privacy protecting, ad-blocking browser based on the Mozilla Open Source project. It has received funding from Mozilla and is very fast and stable.

For Fun

Two funny images. Reselling your pigeon on Ebay and a kitten attack on a toddler.

Password Hacking Basics

How do hackers crack passwords and what do their basic techniques mean to you? How do you make passwords they cannot crack?

Improving Wifi connection

This simple technique improved my WiFi reception at my Roku box 20 fold. How to reduce interference on the 2.4 GHz channels.

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