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October 2018

Don't use Chrome

Chrome users have more trackers watching them than those who use other browsers. I make the case to switch to another browser if you use Chrome. If not, how to make it less privacy invading.

Stop identity theft

Your credit rating and some personal information from credit bureaus is available to anyone for a small fee, even if they don't have your SSN or current address. Why I recommend doing a credit freeze and the new federal law.

Portia, super spider

A short video showing a super spider demonstrating its super powers.

Understanding Email

There are four basic ways to get Email. Choosing the best one for you. WebMail POP3 IMAP Microsoft Exchange

Using Adblock Plus

Why you should use an adblocker. One of the best is Adblock Plus. Here's how to use it.

Using Privacy Badger

Privacy Badgeer will help prevent trackers from following you around the web and collecting and sharing what you do.

Newsvoice, An interesting News App

Newsvoice is an interesting App and site that collects news from other sites, actively uses crowd sourcing to rank articles.

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