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July 2019

QuickSearch Keepass plugin

The QuickSearch plugin adds customizable incremental search to Keepass. I've replaced Keepass's built-in search with it.

Alternatives to Google Chrome

Chrome is the least privacy respecting browser available and is declaring their intention to become even less secure and to dis-allow most ad-blockers. Ad-blockers are essential for safety on the Internet. Here are 5 superior alternatives.

For Fun - Wrong Door

Use the other door. Funny sign.

Firefox Tracking Protection

Firefox has new and excellent tracking protection. Here's how to use it.

Alternatives to Google Search

Google search, though dominant, is becoming worse and worse. They are factoring more and more irrelevant weights into your results, substantially weakening them. They also track you. Here are lots of superior options.

Video: Google Search Malware

This video shows an actual screen capture of the malware attack through an advertising search result. This is a common attack and it is good to know what it looks like. It is a video of the attack. You will not be in any danger.

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