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November 2017

Alternative Search Engines

Though Google dominates search, there are many different and better search engines. Here are some excellent search engines that respect your privacy and provide equivalent or sometimes better results than you'll get from either Google or Bing.

Searx: Search Heaven

Searx is an open source privacy protecting search engine that provides better results than you will get from Google or Bing. It pulls information from as many as 70 different engines.

Late Halloween Cartoon

Did you call for Hex support?

Image Backups

Include complete images in your backup regimen. This also means making and being able to find rescue media.

AquaMail Android Email Program for phones and tablets

AquaMail is an excellent Android EMail client. It is pretty, provides lots of options, and does everything you might want an email client to do.

Just for fun

Your GPS told you to do what?

iStorage Encrypted Drives

iStorage provides physical hardware encrypted secure USB drives coming in all shapes and sizes. An excellent option if you need physically encrypted USB drives.

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