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March 2018

Developing a longterm relationship with your battery

A simple non-technical guide to having a better relationship with your battery. Like many relationships, if you treat it better, it will treat you better.

Jet powered hoverboard

Finally, a jet powered hoverboard. Fly fast on kerosene powered jet engines.

Current biggest security threat - Malvertising

Currently, the biggest security threat for my clients is malvertising. Malvertising attacks get into your computer while hiding in advertising on legitimate websites. A recent report on a single gang of criminals gives you an idea what the hundreds or thousands of criminal malvertising gangs can do.

Laptop Cooling Fan

Laptop fan stands can help keep your laptop cool and preserve its life.

64-bit Browsers

64 bit versions of browsers are faster, more secure and more stable. A 64 bit version is now available for Firefox and Cliqz.

For Fun

Kids not getting wifi from paper books.

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