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May 2017

How to detect email scams

How to spot email scams in 5 minutes. For scam emails are shown and how to spot them as scams in this 5 minute video.

1903 Wireless Hack!

The first wireless hack occured in 1903 when Nevil Maskelyne hacked Marconi's wireless transmission demonstration from Cornwall to the Royal Institution in London 300 miles away.

Privacy and tracking

A look at three mechanisms for tracking us on the Internet as well as an explanation of various types of cookies. Many links to privacy testing services are provided.

AnySoft Keyboard for Android

Excellent Android keyboard which keeps your typing private. You can think of it as a privacy keyboard. Many options and keyboard styles.

For Fun, Penspinning

Penspinning is very cool. Watch a number of videos.

Spideroak Purge Tool

I've created a simple purge tool to reduce the number of previous versions SpiderOak One Backup retains.

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