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August 2018

Spideroak has fantastic unlimited offer. This week only!

Spideroak One backup has a fantastic unlimited promo available this week only.

Yet another Credit bureau to freeze

In addition to the big three credit bureaus, and the little 'other one', there is a little known fifth credit bureau that we should freeze, if you want to freeze your credit reports.

Soaring Teapot

Neighborhood Nursery designed, and built the floating Tea Pot fountain at Camellia Square in Temple City, CA. Here are some pictures of this unique landmark.

Saving Attachments in KeePass

Keepass lets you secure any file as an attachment as well as include secure notes with your records.

Get your online accounts

Get your online accounts even if you don't use them. Otherwise miscreants might get them for you.

Replace UPS Batteries

UPS batteries should be replaced every 3-5 years.

Fun Quotes

Some Quotes I enjoyed

Grammarly Mobile keyboard

Grammarly has a very nice mobile keyboard for iOS and Android. It helps you with grammar and clarity issues even from your mobile device.

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