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July 2017

MemInfo, Useful free tool

Meminfo is a small graphic guage that shows memory usage in real-time. It is very handy information to have.

Two Useful Keepass Improvements

Keepass's new Password Quality report is an excellent way to check the quality of your passwords and redo those that fall short.Another new feature is listing duplicate passwords.

Some useful Windows Shortcuts (and a fun one)

Useful Windows shortcuts for Windows and many programs.

Don't save passwords in browsers

Letting your browser save passwords for you is a bad idea. It is either very inconvenient or it is insecure. This article shows how various browsers handle saving your passwords and why you shouldn't let them.

Are you vulnerable to CIA hacking?

Here is a short 1 minute video that will explain whether you are vulnerable to CIA hacking.

18 Security cameras insecure

Security flaws in OEM Security camera maker used by many different companies. They are not getting patched.

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