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June 2023

Emailing Instructions for Check Writing

Many organizations have a President or other manager email a bookkeeper to write a check to someone. This is no longer a safe practice. Miscreants are sending bookkeepers emails and attached invoices that seem real. What is the proper policy?

Firefox Protection Dashboard

Firefox's new Protection Dashboard is an excellent tool for this browser. How do you use it and what will it do for you?

For Fun

Alien mad that person used his name as a password!

Passwords - The latest

Password cracking tools are getting better and better. They are progressing right along with other computer and Internet technology. Many passwords that were safe, are insecure now. Here's how they are cracking your passwords and what you need to do about it.

How Many Times Were You Pwned?

HaveIbeenpwned is a valuable Internet resource that maintains a database of companies that had account breaches. They have 674 breaches and over 12 billion breached accounts! Here's how to use the site to check your email address.

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