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May 2019

Credential Stuffing

Credential stuffing is the large scale, automated attempt to match leaked usernames and passwords to hundreds of potential sites.

Darpa voting system

Darpa is funding some excellent research on voting machines. They are building open source systems that will give verifiable results and be openly tested.

Mobile banking apps insecure

Mobile Banking and other financial services apps are shockingly insecure. If possible, remove them from your phones.

For Fun

Why Science teachers should not be given playground duty.

Uninstall Java

Uninstall any Java version you have. It is no longer getting updated by Oracle for commercial use. If you find you need it, Open source options are available.

How I setup Keepass

I change many of the default Keepass settings to make it easier to use or and safer. I've found more of these "tricks" over time, so even if I set you up, there could be new stuff here.

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