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US Mobile

I found a new cell phone service that will probably work well for some of you. It is a reseller of T-Mobile, so that service must be ok for you. It is one of the non-contract services that accepts any open GSM phone, but you could buy a phone from them. They charge $3.99 for a SIM card for your phone.

Who could benefit from US Mobile?

So, who should be interested? Those who do not use their cell phone very much will save the most. I spend my day in the office with an office phone and do not text a lot, or spend a lot of time talking on my cell phone. I spend a lot of time talking on my office phone, though. When I use data, I'm at my home office with great WiFi, so I am using my WiFi not my data plan. I have a GPS in my car, so I do not use my phone's data plan for navigation.

You can go to their website and design your own plan choosing how much talk time, texting, and data you want.

So, I chose 250 minutes of talk, 100 texts, and 100 MB of data. If I stay within that, I pay $11 a month plus 16 cents in tax. That is $11.16 total per month. If I run over, I can easily and inexpensively add more of anything. I can use the data when I'm out and need it, but just getting my email occasionally or looking something up on the Internet doesn't use much data.

Here's what my account looks like after half a month.

You can see I should be a little careful with my texting, but I am well below each of the others. For just $2 I can add 100 more texts if necessary. I can add talk and data inexpensively as well. I can always change my plan for the next month.

Their tech support very quick and responsive by either email or by phone call. I tested both, and was amazed. My phone call issue was resolved in about one minute from the time I placed the call. Most of the time was spent with me explaining the problem! The email issue was resolved in 15 minutes from the time I sent the email. However, I could find no local dealer.

As your phone usage goes up, the spectacular savings go down. So, for 750 minutes of talk, 250 texts and 1 GB of data, the cost goes up to $27/month plus tax.

Who should not use US Mobile

If you needed 1500 minutes and 250 texts and 2.5 GB of data you are up to $35/month so there are other options that look pretty good in comparison. So I'd not recommend this necessarily for someone who uses the phone for a GPS a lot and needs a lot of cell data. If you talk hours on the phone, the savings are also reduced. Also, I haven't even looked at their international calling, but if you do a lot of that using your cell phone there are probably better plans. UltraMobile (https://ultramobile.com/) looks like the best and least expensive. It seems just fine and there are several local dealers.

Also, clearly, if the Tmobile network doesn't work for you because they don't provide good service in your area, then it is not an option.

My Experience

So far, no problems. My calls are good and clear. Everything just works. I brought my own phone and their SIM card worked fine. My number ported over quickly and smoothly. This is the best option I've found for someone who has low usage but wants to be able to do everything, text, talk and data occasionally.

Date: January 2017

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