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Hardware Articles

Backup batteries for routers

November 2022 – In addition to a backup battery for your computer, you can get a less expensive one for your modem and router. This can allow you to use the Internet for awhile if the electricity goes out.

Clara Ebook Reader

September 2022 – Kobo makes a wonderful e-book reader which integrates into your library system and Pocket's read it later system. Here's my review.

A Cooling fan

June 2022 – This cooling stand lowers your laptop's temperature, thus prolonging its life. If you have a laptop, it is worth checking out.

Meminfo to fix high memory issues

October 2021 – How to fix High memory issues. What is computer memory and why do you need more and more of it. Why does it disappear over time and how to get it back.

Interesting articles

October 2021 – Two interesting articles. One about disguised third-party trackers using the cname technique. One explaining varioud forms of HDMI cables.

Label your wires

September 2021 – A great way to label your cords so you know which cords go with which devices. Quick and easy.

Review of Asus Ax3000 router

August 2021 – Why I consider the Asus RT-ax3000 an excellent choice for a home or small business router.

High memory issue

September 2020 – What is high memory usage and how is the issue resolved?

CDs and DVDs wear out

September 2020 – CDs wear out. How to make backup copies of yours

NUC Computers

May 2020 – NUC stands for Next Unit Computing. These paperback sized cases are an often overlooked case option.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

April 2020 – An overview on making your house or office cleaning much easier with Robot Vacuum cleaners. What to look for and where to look. These are great!

WiFi 6 Coming

February 2020 – The next generation of WiFi is coming and it will provide major improvements in many situations. Here's what to expect and when to expect it.

TreeSize free

October 2019 – Treesize is a program that will analyze any drive or folder, including mapped network drives, and show you what is taking up the most space.

Choosing a Notebook computer

August 2019 – What are the questions you should consider before choosing a laptop computer? What are your options. What variables should be considered?

Types of USB Connectors

March 2019 – USB stands for Universal serial bus, but there are so many different kinds. Here's an explanation of the most common ones with images so you will recognize them.

Size measures

June 2018 – A simple explanation of bits, bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes and terabytes.

Developing a longterm relationship with your battery

March 2018 – A simple non-technical guide to having a better relationship with your battery. Like many relationships, if you treat it better, it will treat you better.

Jet powered hoverboard

March 2018 – Finally, a jet powered hoverboard. Fly fast on kerosene powered jet engines.

Laptop Cooling Fan

March 2018 – Laptop fan stands can help keep your laptop cool and preserve its life.

Dotz cable labels

February 2018 – Identify each end of cables so you know which cords go to which items. It also as stick-on dots to identify each end of items that are not cables, like power transformers.

CoreTemp Monitor

February 2018 – CoreTemp Monitor is a free and very slick utility that lets you monitor cpu load and temperature conveniently.

Who owns your stuff?

January 2018 – Who owns the books you buy from Amazon, Audible or Kobo? I chatted with their support. Here are the answers I got and suggestions for leaving your collections to your heirs.

Robotics Update

December 2017 – A couple of interesting developments in robotics.

Update Router Firmware

December 2017 – Updating online devices is important. One of the most important is to update your router. Useful information.

iStorage Encrypted Drives

November 2017 – iStorage provides physical hardware encrypted secure USB drives coming in all shapes and sizes. An excellent option if you need physically encrypted USB drives.

18 Security cameras insecure

July 2017 – Security flaws in OEM Security camera maker used by many different companies. They are not getting patched.

HP computers come with keylogger!

June 2017 – Over 90 HP laptops and Desktops come with a keylogger to open your passwords to hackers. This appears to have just been a stupid mistake by Conexant who makes audio chips and HP has provided patches.

Wireless printers and networking considerations

June 2017 – The differences between ad-hoc and infrastructure networks and the need to avoid printer makers quick and easy wifi installation processes.

Improving Wifi connection

March 2017 – This simple technique improved my WiFi reception at my Roku box 20 fold. How to reduce interference on the 2.4 GHz channels.

Keeping your computer healthy

February 2017 – There are a few simple things you can do to help your computer remain happy and healthy.

Prolonging Battery Life

February 2017 – Sometimes people's phone or tablet battery runs low. Here are some tips for prolonging battery life.

Testing Your Router

October 2016 – Your router is the wall between you and a cesspool of evil stuff on the Internet. It is prudent to test it occasionally and to check for firmware updates.

Chromebooks- the Computer Appliance

August 2016 – Many people want a computer to work like an appliance. Just plug it in, turn it on and it works. It should be very easy. A chromebook will do that. They are fast, safe, secure and easy. But this safety and security comes at a price; your freedom.

Wireless Networking basics

July 2016 – This article explains wireless routers. Why you want one, and how to choose them. We look at dual band, the 2.4 and 5 GHz spectrums and selecting one.

Router Setup Instructions

July 2016 – These instructions show you how to fill in the Router setup form and describe what each item means and why it is important.

Interesting News

May 2016 – A gun that looks like a smart phone, and Chrome stops supporting Vista.

Interesting news stories

February 2016 – Interesting news stories about a new edition of Monopoly without paper money and information about choosing the right padlock.

Understanding Modems and Routers

February 2016 – What is a modem and what is a router. What do they do? Which ones should you buy?

Video Standards

December 2015 – There are 4 different video standards, plus sub-standards! Making sure your monitor can send information to your computer can be frustrating. This guide could help.

Reboot your computer

November 2015 – Reboot your computer every Monday morning. It will run much better.

10 reasons your computer might be slowing down

October 2015 – If your computer is getting slow, here are 10 possible causes.

$30 device to bypass the lock for cars

August 2015 – Link to an Engadget article about how to use a $30 device to bypass the pass codes for most locked cars and some garage doors.

What kind of desktop do you want?

July 2015 – Things to think about when buying a new computer. The factors you need to consider

Faster SSDs are coming

July 2015 – Faster SSDs are coming. Though Solid state drives seem really fast now, they are going to get much faster as they move from the SATA ports to PCI-E slots.

Google's Project Soli

July 2015 – Google's project Soli might be one of the biggest technology developments ever. It can add very accurate very cheap sight to virtually any device or material object. Using Radar to see Soli is cheap and can respond to tiny movements.

Planning the transfer to your new computer

May 2015 – Tips for making the transfer to a new computer smooth.

Prevent problems, clean your computer

April 2015 – You should check your computer's temperature and clean it out to prevent overheating. Clean your computer at least every other year (more if in a dusty place).

Getting the most from Open Hardware Monitor

April 2015 – Using the Gadget function of the Open hardware monitor to understand and monitor your computer. Learn how it works, when it is working hard and when there is an issue. Like a tachometer can help you see how your car works, this monitor can help you see how your computer is working.

Additional expenses that come along with a new computer

December 2014 – When you buy a new computer, the additional expenses are often as much or more than the computer. In addition to the new box, what other things must you consider and budget for?

SSD Drive Maintenance

December 2014 – Solid State Drives create new maintenance issues. I will show you how to make sure the cleanup operations needed for maintenance have a chance to run. The article will also show you how to recover some space if you are running out.

Computer Replacement

October 2014 – If your computer is working just fine, should it still be replaced? Recommended replacement schedule.

Notebook and SSD Power Settings

August 2014 – Windows Sleep and Hibernate are normally unnecessary and sometimes reek havoc with a notebook's proper functioning. You do not need to use them. Here is how to stop it.

Patching your router

August 2014 – Recent research indicates that about 80% of the best selling routers have serious security flaws. Routers are rapidly adding many new features, but even more rapidly adding security flaws. Here is some help patching your router.

How long do hard drives last?

June 2014 – How long can we expect our Hard drives to last?

New USB Spec

June 2014 – A new USB specification is coming out which is faster, smaller and reversible

Chromebooks, The Computer Appliance

April 2014 – Chromebooks begin a new generation of easy to use, fast, low maintenance and inexpensive computer appliances. Some of the benefits and limitations are discussed.

I Wipe Hard Drives

February 2014 – I offer a reliable hard drive wiping and computer recycling service.

Troubleshooting Slow Computers

June 2013 – Is your computer getting slower and slower? If so, here are some steps that might help.

My Favorite Android Tablet Apps

June 2013 – These are my current (May 29, 2013) favorite Android Apps for my tablet. Perhaps you'll find something new in here.

Pictorial Guide to Connectors

April 2013 – Cable connections to monitors, printers, tablets, and other devices require correct connectors. You must have the right cable! But, these cable connections are more complicated than one would expect. Here is a pictorial guide.

Two Videos showing hard drives in action

February 2013 – How do hard drives work, and what effect does vibration have. Two short and revealing videos

Thinking about 7" Tablets and E-Readers

October 2012 – Looking at 7" tablets and E-ink readers. I quickly review some and discuss the various ecosystems, DRM (digital rights management)they represent. I compare the Nexus 7 with the new Kindle Fire HD.

Vacuum your computer

August 2012 – Dust causes computers to overheat. You should check the temperature and fan speed for your computer each month and make sure to clean it at least annually.

Thinking About a Notebook Computer

April 2012 – This is a form to use to help you think more clearly when trying to decide on a new notebook, netbook, tablet or other mobile computer. It should help you weigh the various pluses and minuses of your options.

Forms you can use

April 2012 – I have a few forms that should help you working with security and your computers. They are in PDF format and freely available for use.

Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanners

April 2012 – Fujitsu has two new low cost personal scanners that are absolutely fabulous. Scan directly to pdf. USB powered for mobile use. Get organized and go paperless (or at least less paper. These two scanners are great for personal and small home business organization

Turn Off WPS

February 2012 – When configuring your router, it is important to turn off WPS because it is a gigantic security hole. Here's how.

Improving You WiFi Coverage

February 2012 – How to improve your WiFi coverage so you can get a good WiFi connection throughout your whole office or home.

Prolonging Battery Life

February 2012 – How to get the best results from your lithium Ion batteries. Improving the battery life of you cell phone, notebook, tablets and ebook readers.

SSD Drives

February 2012 – SSD or Solid State Drives are faster and more reliable than traditional spinning drives. Here is a comparison.

Troubleshooting Your Internet Connection

August 2011 – What to do when you lose Internet connectivity. How to problem solve your connection issues.

Computer Stands

August 2011 – Computer Stands

An Insecure Router Could Send You to Jail

June 2011 – What you need to know to secure your router and what could happern if you don't.

Thinking about Ebook Readers

April 2011 – What are the variables to consider before buying an Ebook Reader?

Where to get Ebooks

April 2011 – Where can I buy and download ebooks? now testing

Mirrored Hard Drives

December 2010 – It is very inexpensive to have mirrored hard drives in new computers, and it provides big benefits.

Notebook Battery Preservation

March 2010 – Notebook Battery Life

Keep notebooks cool

August 2009 – Keep Notebooks Cool

Keep your computer clean

March 2008 – Keep Your Computer Clean

How to Clean Your LCD Screens

October 2007 – How to safely clean you LCD Screens

Use a USB Patch Cord

June 2007 – Protect the USB connections on your computer by using a patch cord.

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