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Thinking about 7" Tablets and E-Readers

I wrote an article about the concepts and issues regarding E-Book readers and small tablets, but it grew to over 4 pages long, which I thought inappropriate for this newsletter. So I uploaded the article and will present an outline and overview here.

You can download a PDF of the full article here:

Overview of Article:

  • The differences between E-Ink readers and 7" tablets
  • The various Ecosystems you are joining depending on the device you choose
  • The implications of Digital Rights Management (copyright restrictions) and how they affect you differently depending on your choice of ecosystem
  • A Review of various E-Ink Readers
  • A comparison of the Kindle Fire HD and the Nexus 7

Brief Summary

I love Ebook readers. I like being able to touch a word to look it up, or search backwards when a character appears and I forget who his is. I like being able to make the fonts bigger and to handle the book and turn pages with one hand. They are a better way to read.

The new 7" tablets are light enough and have long enough battery lives to use as ebook readers. E-ink readers are less expensive, lighter and have better battery life. However, they are like reading a newspaper or cheap paperback. They don't really "feel good". They are wonderfully functional though. The new 7" tablets offer excellent reading, and minimally acceptable battery life and feel great. The screens are so good, that the letters are very sharp and clear and they provide a superb reading experience. They can also be used to read news, respond to email and even do some regular work.

If you have a Kindle Fire Tablet, you can get a reading app for the Kindle that lets you read EPUB books, and if you get a new Android Tablet you can download the Kindle Reader for Android and purchase Amazon books. Though the Google Nexus is more open, the Kindle will stream Netflix video, YouTube, and other online services.

Check it out if these things interest you.

Date: October 2012

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