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AquaMail Android Email Program for phones and tablets

I have tried a number of email apps for my Android phone and tablet. Each one I tried was missing something I wanted until I found AquaMail a couple of years ago. AquaMail gave me everything I wanted in a nice clean package and allowed me to tweak the program for maximum pleasure. It is popular and well rated.

After using the free version for awhile, I paid the $9.99 for the pro key. I'd rather give him money than be distracted by ads and wonder whether there is any nefarious material in any of the ads. I tend to buy the programs I like and am sure I'm really going to use.

Some of its features include:
  • Automatic setup for many email services
  • Handles pretty much all email types
  • Can save attachments as files
  • Widgets for message counts and Message lists can be configured for specific accounts or folders. I don't use these. I just check my mail when I feel like it. I use my main computer at the office, so I'm only using my tablet and phone for email on the weekends or evenings.
  • Reads everything I have received.
  • Built-in address picker
  • An enormous number of configuration options to get it running just the way you want.
  • Can have an extra pin requirement to open the program
  • Easy to do rich text and to add signatures.

The features I wanted and found most useful:
  • I do blind copies of emails to myself. That way my office computer database has everything I have received and sent to clients.
  • I can use my normal signature file
  • Use the smart folder so I'm only looking at new stuff. I define new as one day, but it is user definable from 10 minutes to a month. The smart folder can include marked stuff I might need to come back to as well as sent messages if you like. I don't include sent messages. You have your regular Inbox and Sent Messages, but I only use the smart folder.

Pro version features
  • Supports more than two accounts
  • Will push mail for Exchange servers (corporate mail)
  • Per-account identities
  • No Promo signature attached
  • Ad-Free

If you aren't getting everything you want from your current email program on your phone or tablet, give AquaMail a try.

Date: November 2017

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