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Mobile App of the Month


This one is for Android KitKat only. So, if you have versions 4.3 or above you can use it. It's function is simple. It uses the proximity sensor on newer phones to determine whether your phone is away from near your face. If away from your face, it turns on the speaker automatically. If you put it up to your ear, it turns off the speaker. Take it away, the speaker comes on. Move it back and it is turned off again.

Close the phone or lay it down and it'll hang up the call.

Of course, if you manually change something, then those settings will disable the app. So you can keep the speaker on while it is at your ear by simply clicking the speaker icon as always.


Free for the basic app. There are advanced features for a $1.50. One of which is to auto answer your phone if you just hold it up to your ear. Apparently they have mixed results with these features on different phones, so they request that you do not buy it unless you have checked out the free version and it works perfectly for you.

Date: March 2015

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