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Typable Random Passwords

On rare occasion, you can't use your password manager to enter a password. This happens whenever I get a new phone or tablet. I'm forced to log into my account, without already having Keepass2Android installed. It is also needed when you change Email or WiFi passwords. Here's a trick to make this easier without renouncing the benefits of a random password.

If your website allows a - or . character, try doing a 20 character password and insert hyphens or slashes or underscores or commas every 4, or 5 characters, making it easier to read, longer, and including a special character.


would become

or shortened to
if they had a 20 character limit and you used a . instead of the -.

These are easier to read, and often a better option for email accounts and office WiFi passwords.

Date: May 2018

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