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Thinking about a

Notebook Computer?

If you think you might want a new notebook computer, then this form might be useful. Its purpose is to help you think more clearly about your needs.

Rate these on a 1 - 5 scale
Remember, as you increase screen size and CPU power you decrease battery life and increase weight. - 1 is not important, 5 is critical

How important is Weight?

How important is Battery Life?

How important is screen size?

How important is processing power?

Must it have a numeric Keypad on the keyboard?

Do you want a DVD Drive?

Will this be your primary computer?

Are you sure you want a notebook instead of a desktop?

List 5 things you will do with it:

What kind of output do you need:
To: External monitor         TV checkbox

Type of output:  VGA        DVI            HDMI

Notes and further explanation:

A pdf copy of this form is here:
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Date: April 2012

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