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AnySoft Keyboard for Android

The AnySoft Keyboard (ASK) is an open source project to provide us with an excellent keyboard which is in continuous development and does not spy on us. It learns how I type and helps me with corrections, but does not send the information to Google, Microsoft, Apple or anywhere else. There are many layouts and various themes and it supports multiple language and themes.

Their privacy policy is simple. They never share any information with anyone. This is easy, because the learning remains on your own device, not in the cloud.

The keyboard is very good. It predicts well and gets better. Furthermore, you can get many different layouts to make the keyboard look pretty much the way you want. I wanted larger keys, easy access to the ' key and right and left arrow keys. Also long keypress for secondary options. I also wanted to easily type brackets, dollar signs and others. I could get everything I wanted. There are also many tweaks you can use. You have many language options and the ability to quickly switch between various ASK keyboards.

I've used many keyboards for Android. It was hard to find one being maintained and improved and not shoving advertising on me or sending everything I type to a corporation to spy on me. This one works for me.

Date: May 2017

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