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ColorNote - Fabulous Android Note program

Colornote  is an amazing note app for Android. It has over 1 million 5 star reviews on Google Play! I use it frequently on both my tablet and my phone. I use it for my shopping list, things I need to remember like WiFi password for a restaurant I frequent, combination to a client's restroom, IP address for OpenDNS etc. I also use it to take notes at meetings.

For my shopping list I use their checklist format, for most things I use a standard notepad. Notes can be color coded and viewed in lots of different formats. Notes can be shared via SMS, or e-mail.

I can't possibly list all the features, but it is very easy to use. Think simple, then imagine even simpler. Besides note taking, and lists, I do use two advanced features:
  • I sync the notes between my tablet and phone, so I can take notes with either one, and they'll be on both.
  • Reminder notification. One thing I'm not very good at is remembering to do something later the same day. So when a client says, "please call me back around 2pm", I open colornote and make a reminder note which will send a notification to my phone at 2pm.

The nice thing about using ColorNote for shopping lists, is that most of what I buy I buy again not too long into the future. For example, eggs, lettuce and bread are things I buy often. So, when I buy something, I touch it, and Colornote draws a line through that item and greys it out. Then when I need it again, I touch it and the line goes away and the grey goes away, and it's on my list again. This means that most of my regular items only take a touch to add to my current list.

Date: November 2015

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