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Google's Android Voice Search

If you have a phone or tablet with Android 4.1 or greater, you'll have Google Voice search. You can access it by sliding your finger up from the bottom of the screen. To access voice search instead of typing, touch the microphone or just say "google"

They claim that Google voice search works on Android 2.3 and above, and it does work with older Android systems, but on my Android 2.35 phone it shows me the answers as Google Search results, while on my Nexus 7 Tablet, with version 4.2 of Android, it tells me the answers by voice. Much more fun.

Once awake, it'll do a search like any other, but in addition, it'll perform some commands and voice respond. No need to limit yourself to the weather and nearby stores.

Calculations and conversions

  • "What is 45 squared?"
  • "How many cups in a quart?"
  • "How many centimeters in 5 feet?"
  • "How many dollars is 39 Euros?"

Calls and texts

  • If you have a phone, then you can call and text, remember to specify which phone to use, mobile, work, home?


  • Because it is tied to google's maps and navigation it'll give you good directions.

Celebrities and common questions

  • "When was Amazon founded?"
  • "How tall is Marlon Brando?" (it seems to know heights and birth dates, but not weights)
  • "Who invented the telephone?"
  • "How high is the Eiffel tower?"
  • "What is Moore's law?"

Pictures, photos

  • "Show me a picture of Marlena Dietrich"
  • "Show me a diagram of a water molecule."

Major news events

  • "Who won the Blazers' game last night?"

Useful tidbits

  • "United flight 1245" - Get flight status
  • "What is the stock price of General Motors?"
  • "What time is it in Sidney Australia?"


  • "Remind me to call David at 3pm today"
  • "Note to self, do an article on Google Voice" - This sends an email reminder through your Gmail account and attaches the voice message.

Date: December 2012

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