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Android: Lightning Browser

I use the Lightening Browser on both my phone and my tablets. I've tried about 10 different Android browsers, and I've been using this exclusively for about 4 months. I just can't make myself use another one. Why? It is simply the best, at least for me.

I explained here why you must not use stock browser.

So the question becomes, which of the many alternative browsers should you use? After much experimenting I chose Lightning.

Why is it better?

  • Crashes less than any other!
  • Is faster than Chrome, Firefox and most others I've tried.
  • Is safer and more secure (it includes both StartPage search engine and DuckDuckGo for private searches
  • Open Source
  • Very configurable and has text reflow that works well and a reader mode
  • Very small
  • Very few permissions needed, only those that are obviously necessary
  • Easy to use. Intuitive interface
  • Paid mode ($1.50) adds unlimited tabs and Adblock. I recommend this. The author is a college student.

Tabs are listed on the left pulled out by the hamburger menu above on the left.

Pressing the X closes the tab. Closing all tabs closes the browser.

Settings and bookmarks are accessed on the right from the 3 dot menu.

You can try it and use it for free, so go ahead, experiment a little.

Date: September 2015

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