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Passwords - The latest

score: 100 – June 2023 – Password cracking tools are getting better and better. They are progressing right along with other computer and Internet technology. Many passwords that were safe, are insecure now. Here's how they are cracking your passwords and what you need to do about it.

Don't save passwords in browsers

score: 100 – July 2017 – Letting your browser save passwords for you is a bad idea. It is either very inconvenient or it is insecure. This article shows how various browsers handle saving your passwords and why you shouldn't let them.

Funny wifi passwords

score: 100 – January 2019 – Some very funny Guest WiFi passwords. Imagine your friend telling you this and and you trying to type the password.

Review your passwords

score: 100 – October 2015 – Passwords tend to stick around for years, so it is necessary to review them and update them occasionally. You need to get rid of any that are too short or duplicated.

21st Century Passwords

score: 100 – December 2011 – Making strong passwords for small form factor devices

Creating Passwords with KeePass

score: 100 – October 2011 – How to create passwords with Keepass password safe.

Testing Passwords

score: 100 – September 2008 – Testing passwords

Typable Random Passwords

score: 94 – May 2018 – Making passwords a little easier to type when that is necessary. Putting hyphens in passwords.

Tracking Important information

score: 91 – April 2022 – Here's how to track all your software licenses, Unique passwords and other critical information. All your passwords should be unique.

Password Insights

score: 91 – September 2017 – What have we learned after examining millions of hacked passwords and what does it tell you about how to construct your own passwords?

Two Useful Keepass Improvements

score: 91 – July 2017 – Keepass's new Password Quality report is an excellent way to check the quality of your passwords and redo those that fall short.Another new feature is listing duplicate passwords.

Password Hacking Basics

score: 91 – March 2017 – How do hackers crack passwords and what do their basic techniques mean to you? How do you make passwords they cannot crack?

Safe Log ins

score: 91 – February 2013 – People log in to websites backwards. This causes them all sorts of problems. Email gets hacked. Passwords lost. Problems logging in. All this will end if you create your passwords and log in to important sites frontwards, instead of backwards. You begin with your password safe, then the website.

LinkedIn Breach

score: 91 – June 2012 – LinkedIn lost the hash of 6.5 million passwords, and this breach has some lessons for all of us. You need to make passwords that are unbreakable even if the hash is stolen.

Check your passwords

score: 89 – February 2023 – How to improve your password system, or create a new one. Basic rules for password and other vital information storage. Mistakes you should avoid.

Passwords on phones and tablets

score: 89 – June 2014 – Easy password entry using Keepass2Android on phones and tablets.

Credential Stuffing

score: 80 – May 2019 – Credential stuffing is the large scale, automated attempt to match leaked usernames and passwords to hundreds of potential sites.

Thunderbird, using a master password

score: 80 – January 2019 – Use a master password to encrypt and protect your email passwords. A how to guide for Thunderbird and Intellect.

Password Cracking Improvements

score: 80 – October 2013 – Password cracking has been improving very fast requiring stronger and stronger passwords to be safe.

Understanding Password Storage

score: 80 – October 2012 – How are passwords stored? What are hash tables and salting? What are the clues that a website is using insecure methods?

Why switch to KeePass

score: 80 – October 2011 – Reasons to quit using OCS Passwords and move to Keepass password safe.

How to switch to KeePass

score: 80 – October 2011 – Switching from OCS Passwords to KeePass.

A Better Way to Do One Time Passwords

score: 72 – May 2023 – This article recommended Twillio's Authy for the desktop, which was killed by Twillio. There is some general 2fa information that may be of interest, but not the recommendation of Authy.

Email -- Your Weak Link

score: 69 – October 2023 – Email is your weak link. If hackers crack your email password, they can wreak havoc with your life. Here's how to protect your email account with both desktop and mobile devices.

How Many Times Were You Pwned?

score: 69 – June 2023 – HaveIbeenpwned is a valuable Internet resource that maintains a database of companies that had account breaches. They have 674 breaches and over 12 billion breached accounts! Here's how to use the site to check your email address.

Password protect your email program

score: 69 – August 2017 – Adding a simple pin or password to your Email app can provide another level of protection without very much inconvenience.

Cloud storage considerations

score: 69 – June 2016 – Before you store your information or your clients', you should consider the security of the online storage service. Here are the principles you need to know.

Window 10 Wifi Sense

score: 69 – August 2015 – Wifi sense makes no sense and should be stopped. This article explains the differences between the fantasy and the reality of this kind of childish nonsense.

Moda Health Insecurity

score: 69 – February 2014 – A letter I wrote to Moda Health regarding the completely incompetent security. I wish there was a way to get this information to someone who could do something.

Syncing Keepass with Mobile Devices

score: 69 – August 2013 – How to sync your Keepass safe between your phone, tablet and desktop computers

9 Rules for safe Computing

score: 69 – April 2013 – 9 simple rules for keeping your computer safe from viruses and malware.

Introduction to KeePass

score: 69 – October 2011 – An introduction to Keepass password safe.

KeePass Quickstart

score: 69 – October 2011 – A Quickstart Guide to Keepass password safe.

Getting the most from KeePass

score: 69 – October 2011 – Important tools for making KeePass even more effective.

Gawker Security Breach

score: 69 – February 2011 – What we can learn from the Gawker Security Breach

Security News

score: 69 – January 2008 – BotMaster Controls 250,000 Zombies

Never Use the Same Password Again

score: 63 – April 2023 – Probably the worst security mistake beginners make is re-using their password. Databases are available online containing 22 billion usernames and passwords. Never use a password included in that database. Your username password combination are probably there more than once, so don't repeat them.

Finding stuff in Keepass

score: 63 – February 2021 – As important as saving your passwords and other information in a password safe, is being able to retrieve it. Here are three ways to make finding your keepass stuff easier.

Two Factor Authentication

score: 63 – October 2019 – Though two factor authentication is all the rage, if you use a password manager and have good, unique, random passwords, then it might create more problems than it solves.

Proper Password Encryption

score: 63 – October 2015 – A simple clear overview of the concepts for encrypting passwords and using the result to encrypt data. I use Keepass as an good example.

KeePass Portable

score: 63 – February 2014 – KeePass offers a good portable version and along with the Kingston traveler flash drive, you can alwas have your passwords with you.

KeePass Can Replace Authy Desktop

score: 52 – March 2024 – Twilio's authy desktop authentication app is being discontinued. Here are my recommendations to replace it. I've included a tutorial on using KeePass for your Time-based One Time Password authenticator.

The anatomy of a computer hack

score: 52 – December 2022 – I take you step by step through how a client of mine gave up control of his computer and possibly his credit card to a con man through an email scam. Hopefully, this will help prevent this from happening to you.

Router safety

score: 52 – September 2022 – Routers stand between you and millions of nefarious characters who'd like to break into your computer. Here's the steps necessary to keep it secure.

Proton Me

score: 52 – July 2022 – If you ever need secure email, file storage, file sharing, calendar or VPN then Proton should be checked out. They have a range of account prices from free to enterprise level. The free account will work for many and the $50/yr. account will satisfy most of the rest of my clients.

Critical Security considerations

score: 52 – June 2021 – What to consider and some tips to staying safe in our new cloud based world.

Secure email services

score: 52 – June 2021 – Two secure email services and a discussion of the issues with secure email. Followed by some tips for those who only infrequently need secure email message transmission.

The Best Password Managers

score: 52 – April 2021 – What types of password managers are there and which are best?

QuickSearch Keepass plugin

score: 52 – July 2019 – The QuickSearch plugin adds customizable incremental search to Keepass. I've replaced Keepass's built-in search with it.

IoT attacks increase

score: 52 – June 2019 – Attacks against IoT (Internet of Things) devices accelerates. Avoid them if possible. If not, buy from a company that takes security seriously and updates their firmware.

Keepass Update

score: 52 – June 2019 – Some new Keepass features and a review of some old ones you might have missed.

More Facebook Villainy

score: 52 – June 2019 – Facebook might be the biggest threat yet to online security. Here's a rundown of their recent detestable acts.

How I setup Keepass

score: 52 – May 2019 – I change many of the default Keepass settings to make it easier to use or and safer. I've found more of these "tricks" over time, so even if I set you up, there could be new stuff here.

Security Basics

score: 52 – November 2018 – What is the minimum that every user should absolutely do when engaged with the Internet? This article will explain the absolute minimum. Rather like a drivers test. If you don't do these things, you shouldn't be allowed on the Internet superhighway.

Amazon Prime Cards

score: 52 – February 2017 – Amazon has two cards for Prime members that allow them to earn 5% credit on all Amazon purchases. One of these rewards cards is great while the other is terrible. Which is which?

Critical Chrome Problem

score: 52 – February 2017 – Chrome has a vulnerability where your vital address and credit card information can be stolen. Here is the fix.

Router Setup Instructions

score: 52 – July 2016 – These instructions show you how to fill in the Router setup form and describe what each item means and why it is important.

Will Congress Make Security Illegal?

score: 52 – April 2016 – The Draft Burr-Feinstein Bill essentially makes good security illegal. It cannot work, will not help, but will hurt our security. Legislating that pigs will fly, won't make them fly. Here's an explanation and links to action you can take.

Experts Versus Non-Experts

score: 52 – November 2015 – Google researchers compare regular users with security experts to reveal differences on security practices and beliefs. We can all learn from how we differ from the experts.

Amazon Account Recovery

score: 52 – February 2015 – How Amazon quickly and easily allows you, or any hacker with access to your email, gain access to your Amazon account and reset your password and then your recovery email address.

Heartbleed Vulnerability. What is it? What to do?

score: 52 – May 2014 – The heartbleed vulnerability is a major problem creating both panic sensationalism and real serious potential problems. We look at what it is, and what to do.

How to make a good master password

score: 52 – October 2011 – How to make a good master password.

Security News

score: 52 – June 2011 –

News You Can't Use

score: 52 – January 2008 – News you can't use - Dutch teen Arrested Virtual theft

Phone Passwords

score: 38 – August 2014 – Phone lockscreen passwords are a hassle. One way to avoid them is to use an App locker instead.

Great new KeePass2Android feature

score: 28 – January 2018 – Keepass2Android Share feature makes it even easier to access your passwords on your phone or tablet.

Paypal Account Recovery

score: 28 – March 2015 – Paypal allows anyone who controls your email account to take control of you Paypal account. So you need good email passwords.

KeePass Quick Entry Plugin

score: 24 – August 2017 – This KeePass plugin lets you re-open your KeePass file with a short password if you can do it in one try.

Rules for Online Storage

score: 24 – October 2012 – 4 simple rules for safely using online storage.

Video Links to KeePass

score: 24 – October 2011 – Screencasts I've made to help with getting the most from KeePass.

Equifax more problems

score: 18 – April 2019 – Get your unsafe Equifax account before some miscreant gets your account instead. Despite incompetent security and the inability to properly store passwords, it is safer to get your MyEquifax account than to leave it for someone else to get.

HP computers come with keylogger!

score: 18 – June 2017 – Over 90 HP laptops and Desktops come with a keylogger to open your passwords to hackers. This appears to have just been a stupid mistake by Conexant who makes audio chips and HP has provided patches.

For Fun

score: 18 – January 2016 – Don Friesen does a comedy routine about remembering passwords. The Onion does a parody about China's inability to recruit hackers fast enough to keep up with our vulnerabilities.

For Fun

score: 17 – January 2023 – Two funny cartoons

Adding Fields to Keepass

score: 17 – September 2018 – Adding custom fields, like account numbers, to Keepass entries.

Faster and easier website login with KeePass

score: 17 – June 2017 – Keepass's Selected Autotype function explained and demonstrated. A better way to login.

Wonderful Keepass Plug-in

score: 17 – June 2015 – AutoTypeSearch, a Keepass plug-in, pulls up a search if the Auto-Login fails to find a match. This allows you to quickly find and login even when Auto-type fails.

Give someone your Master Password

score: 17 – March 2015 – Password safes are a must, but it is important that someone you trust has your master password to your password safe just in case you get hit by a bus or a toilet seat falls on your head, or something else untoward.

Recent Major Company Breaches

score: 17 – October 2014 – Many major companies experienced security breaches recently losing millions of people's private information. What happened to whom? What attacks will be coming. What can you do?

HotKey Login with KeePass

score: 17 – October 2011 – How to setup Keepass to log you into websites with the press of a single hotkey.

Clipboard Managers

score: 7 – March 2024 – Clipboard managers make your computer life easier. They remember what you copied and can bring it back later. You can edit clips, save and organize them and paste older clips again. Here are two excellent ones.

Best articles of 2022

score: 7 – January 2023 – Here are the articles that I thought were the most important from last year. You might have missed one, or simply would like to review some.


score: 7 – June 2022 – Tresorit is potentially useful for anyone who wants to store and sometimes share files securely. If you fall into that camp, then you should understand what Tresorit offers. It provides this job very well.

Sharing file securely

score: 7 – April 2022 – Often files should be securely shared with others. Even if the sharing doesn't need to be secure, sometimes the files are too big for email. Here are various methods for sharing properly and a few to avoid.

Victim training

score: 7 – November 2021 – Your bank and other trusted sources are training you to be a victim of malicious hackers. Here's how to escape their training and 90% of the attacks we are facing.

Three categories of encryption:

score: 7 – September 2021 – How to quickly judge the type of encryption you are promised by vendors. Understanding E2EE and when it is important.

Layered Security for 2021

score: 7 – January 2021 – Protecting yourself and your office or home from Internet miscreants, requires a multi-level approach. There is no simple silver bullet. There are layers of risk management that need to be addressed.

Scams to beware of

score: 7 – September 2020 – Miscreants are targeting older people posing as Amazon support and getting into their computers. Here's how to stop it.

Recycling Computers

score: 7 – August 2020 – Before you recycle your computer, you should remove the private data from it. But how is this done? I cover both SSD and HDD drives and wiping it entirely, or just your data so it can be given to someone with the OS and some software intact.

Locking your computer

score: 7 – May 2020 – Here are 4 different quick and easy methods to lock your computer when you leave it.

Using Keepass to track license expires

score: 7 – March 2020 – Keepass can be used to monitor expiration dates for antivirus and other subscriptions and renewals.

Germany chooses Firefox

score: 7 – December 2019 – The German Federal Office for Information Security tested 4 browsers, and endorsed Firefox for the best security for all German agencies.

Syncing Notes between devices

score: 7 – February 2019 – If you'd like to automatically have your notes or other writing synchronized on all your devices, there are some excellent options.

Monitor your email address for breaches

score: 7 – January 2019 – Mozilla.org has started a new service to allow you to monitor your email addresses to see if they were included in a breach. I suggest using it.

Our connected world

score: 7 – July 2018 – Along with the benefits of a connected world, comes many dangers. Every device we connect to the Internet needs to receive frequent security updates. Do yours?

VPNFilter Botnet

score: 7 – July 2018 – The VPNFilter botnet is one of the biggest so far. It could be the most sophisticated. Here's how it works and what to do to protect yourself.

KeePass: Entering your username and password

score: 7 – February 2018 – These tricks should make KeePass easier for you to use. Here are lots of ways to submit username and password.


score: 7 – February 2018 – The Windows clipboard holds only one piece of text at a time. AceText from JustGreatSoftware holds as many as you want (a thousand by default) in the ClipHistory. Whenever you cut or copy text, AceText captures it into its clipboard history. AceText saves your clips even when you reboot your computer.

Everyone should place a Fraud Alert

score: 7 – October 2017 – Everyone should place a Fraud Alert on their credit reports. The process is simple and free. It requires lenders to verify your identity, usually by a phone call, if someone tries get credit in your name.

18 Security cameras insecure

score: 7 – July 2017 – Security flaws in OEM Security camera maker used by many different companies. They are not getting patched.

Yahoo Earns 5 Strikes

score: 7 – October 2016 – Yahoo has earned 5 strikes. It is time to consider perhaps they should be out. They have lost my trust.

Preventing the StageFright Attack

score: 7 – August 2015 – What is the Android vulnerability called StageFright and how can you avoid it.

The Best Articles of 2014

score: 7 – December 2014 – My own picks for my best articles of 2014 in case you might have missed any.

Google Account Recovery

score: 7 – December 2014 – How does Google handle account recovery (when someone claims to have lost their password) and what you should do to check your settings.

How to Wipe your phone

score: 7 – August 2014 – Before you sell your phone, you need to get your stuff off it. Here's how to do it properly.

Government Security

score: 7 – February 2014 – Is Government security an oxymoron or simply a contradiction in terms? A partial list of government sites that have been hacked recently.

Using Truecrypt

score: 7 – June 2013 – Truecrypt is excellent for encrypting your files, however, there are many different ways to use Truecrypt to work properly given specific objectives. This article explores a few of them.

My Favorite Android Tablet Apps

score: 7 – June 2013 – These are my current (May 29, 2013) favorite Android Apps for my tablet. Perhaps you'll find something new in here.

How Miscreants make money by hacking your PC

score: 7 – April 2013 – Miscreants can make money from attacking your computer even if you just use it for email. Sometimes people don't think they are a target because the information on their computers is not valuable. They are wrong. Here's why.

Zeus Trojan

score: 7 – December 2012 – The Zeus Trojan is one of the most widespread Botnet Trojans ever created. The code has been sold and the software is now well documented and supported along with add-on modules and feedback for new features.

More DropBox Security Issues

score: 7 – October 2012 – What the latest DropBox security breach tells us about the company. What did they do wrong?

Keepass Custom Fields

score: 7 – August 2012 – KeePass offers custom fields for each entry. These can be very useful for Security Questions and account numbers that may need to be filled in on a website. They allow you to select the field and copy it without having to scroll through the notes and hightlight and copy.

Using Sync

score: 7 – December 2011 – What is Sync and how can you use it? The different types of synchromization. Using Sync for backup. Issues to consider.

An Insecure Router Could Send You to Jail

score: 7 – June 2011 – What you need to know to secure your router and what could happern if you don't.


score: 7 – July 2010 –

Basic Rules for Browsing

score: 7 – July 2009 – Simple Rules for Browsing

Critical Paypal Fix

score: 7 – May 2009 – Paypal Security Flaw

Security News and Tips

score: 7 – October 2008 – Security News and Tips

Google Chrome

score: 7 – October 2008 – Google's Chrome

News you Can't Use

score: 7 – May 2008 –

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