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Using Tresorit

Tresorit is potentially useful for anyone who wants to store and sometimes share files securely. If you fall into that camp, then you should understand what Tresorit offers. It does this job very well.

Companies claim to send and store files securely. What does that mean? It should mean that only you, or someone you designate, have access to the files. No one at Tresorit can read the files they store. If Tresorit were hacked, no one could see them. They are encrypted on your computer, then sent to the cloud, and stored there. You can add passwords to the file links you send to people, but even then, decryption is done on the recipient's computer.

I did an article last year about using Tresorit to send files occasionally. Tresorit works well for that. However, some of you should be considering setting up Tresorit accounts.

Uses for a free Tresorit account

The Basic or free account provides you with 3 GB of secure cloud storage. It allows sharing files up to 500 MB. You can connect 2 devices, so your files can be available on your phone or a second computer. The account comes with software to manage all your stored files. You can set up a virtual drive specifically for stored files. Those files are accessible from File Explorer just like files on your computer.

In a nutshell, even a free Tresorit account makes it easier to share files securely and gives you an easy way to store files off-site securely.

Personal uses for free Tresorit:

  • Any files you'd like to keep secure
  • Any business files, accounting, trust papers, communications with attorneys or accountants and any other private files.
  • Emergency files including files related to your death or incapacity.
  • Occasionally sending files securely

Business uses for free Tresorit:

  • Communications with lawyers and accountants
  • Collaborations you want to keep private
  • Employee records
  • Occasionally sending files securely

For $125/year, you can get much more power and storage with a paid account.

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Date: June 2022

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