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Recent Major Company breaches

Many major companies were breached in August and September. Here is a partial list of some big ones.
  • Dairy Queens (Also own Orange Julius): Many of their stores lost lots of credit card information.
  • Home Depot: Perhaps the biggest breach yet, with 56 million credit card account information taken.
  • JP Morgan Chase: lost personal information from 76 million customers and 8 million small businesses. They say no credit card information, but names, phone numbers and addresses were confirmed as stolen.

So what does this mean for you? Obviously, you should get new credit cards if you used one at any Home Depot store or an affected Dairy Queen or Orange Julius in the last few months.

What is coming. What to do.

Expect emails and phone calls from miscreants posing as Chase bank, or Home Depot representatives. Never click on a link from an email that seems to be from your bank or store. In fact, never click on an email link to go to any site that holds private information. I hate it when a Doctor's office sends me an email and wants me to click on a link to login to "my account" and get needed information or reports. How could I possibly know it was really from them and going to the appropriate place?

You should call the number from your bank statement or on their website or some other place you trust. Or go directly to the website ignoring any link in an email or phone message leaving you a number to call. It is too easy for an email to look like it comes from your bank and send you to a phony site. It is ridiculously easy to call someone, pretend to be from the bank and leave your phone number for them to call.

Date: October 2014

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