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HotKey Login with KeePass

You can easily setup KeePass to login to most websites at the press of a global Hotkey. The default is CTRL-ALT-A. KeePass will see if it can match a password record to the website you are on, and if so, it will log you in. I use this to login to every website I use except for banking and Paypal which require extra login hoops.

How to make it work for a website.

When you go to a website, you'll notice the tab in your browser has a name. If part of that name can be your title, then KeePass will make the association and you don't need to do anything else!

Example 1.

In the above example, the Firefox tab where I login to books on board says, "BooksOnBoard - largest independent..." .  Since the name of the site is booksonboard, I simply made the title match the beginning of the entry. Now, when I go there, I press CTRL-ALT-A and KeePass matches the appropriate record and logs me in.

Example 2.

But, you don't need to match the beginning. You can match anywhere in the tab label.

Linked-In's page has the words "LinkedIn" past the ... above. I saw it by hovering over the tab. Since LinkedIn is somewhere on the tab, I can make my title Linkedin and KeePass can match the page and log me in.

Example 3.

What if their title isn't any good for your title? Occasionally, the tab title doesn't provide useful information. For example, when I login to my Postini account it looks like this:

Obviously, I can't title my password record for Postini "Log in", so I use an alternate approach. From the Edit Entry screen I select Auto-Type and then Add to do a custom sequence.

Then a target window screen comes up and I pull down the list. It lists every window that is available in Windows at that time. I select the appropriate Firefox window and press OK and now KeePass can log me in.

What KeePass does.

KeePass calls this feature Global Autotype (because it automatically types your username and password for you at the press of a global hotkey. If the title of any KeePass record is part of the Window Title of the current window, and KeePass is running in the background, then when you press the Global Autotype Hotkey, it will fill in the username, then press tab, then fill in the password and press Enter.

I demonstrate Global Autotype in this 3 minute video: http://www.screencast.com/t/sMR3KscYV7VB

Date: October 2011

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