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Creating Passwords with Keepass

Select the Generate password option from the Tools menu.

You'll notice that you have lots of options for creating passwords and also Profiles to name them. I recommend creating at least three standard profiles:

  1. A default profile to use as the normal way to create passwords. You will save this as "Automatically generated passwords for new entries". I suggest 30 to 50 characters using upper and lower case, digits, the minus and underscore and special characters. These will automatically be created and filled into any new entry you create.
  2. Save this configuration again with a descriptive name, like 40 characters - All groups
  3. A restricted system for those insecure sites that don't let you have long passwords or use special characters. For these I recommend 12-18 characters, upper and lower case and numerals.

All you need to do to make a profile is to configure it from the menu and then save it with a name. You can delete any profile you don't use.

Demo video here: http:⁄⁄www.screencast.com⁄t⁄eUNX5CBMQ

Date: October 2011

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