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KeePass Quickstart:

What you absolutely need to know.

KeePass can be downloaded from: http://sourceforge.net/projects/keepass/files/

Adding an Entry: Do not add the entry into the website you are making the entry for. Add it to KeePass first. Then copy to the website.

To add an entry just click the Add Entryitem in the toolbar,

right click in the right panel and select Add Entry

just press the INSert button on your keyboard.

Making Passwords : Passwords are automatically generated for you. If those aren't what you want, use the built-in password generator (Tools⁄Generate Password ) to build one to the requirements of the site. Of course, you can always simply type in whatever passwords you like. A 2 minute video showing how to use the password generator is here:

Showing and hiding passwords: CTRL-H will toggle between showing and hiding passwords.

Saving your Passwords: Make sure to save the password file by pressing the Save icon in the toolbar or CTRL-S.

Double clicking: Double clicking does different things depending on what you point to.

Instead of double clicking to copy, you can drag and drop the username and password to their entry slots.

Show KeePass Hotkey: Left Ctrl-Alt-K is the hotkey to show KeePass, so if it is buried behind other windows, you can bring it forward with this hotkey.

Clearing the Clipboard: It is dangerous to leave your passwords in the clipboard after you copy them, so KeePass automatically clears the clipboard for you. By default it does this in 12 seconds. This seems a little fast to me, so I change it to 20 or even 30 seconds. Tools⁄Options⁄Security: Clipboard auto-clear time (seconds).

Locking KeePass: I recommend locking KeePass after 1 or 2 hours of non-use. This forces someone who accesses your computer when you leave to enter your password. Tools/Options/Security: Lock workspace after KeePass inactivity (seconds). 3600 seconds is 1 hour. 7200 seconds is two hours.

Saving KeePass: To automatically save KeePass check the Automatically save when closing⁄locking the database box in Tools/Options/Advanced.

Date: October 2011

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