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The Articles Best of 2014

The Best Security Articles

New forms - I've created some new fillable forms and a form for listing the additional costs to consider when buying a new computer.

The importance of checking your backups and some help doing it.

Hover before you click
One of the most important security tips. Why you need to learn to hover your mouse cursor over links instead of clicking them.

Computer maintenance basics
This is an explanation of what maintenance chores should be done every month.

The best Internet Articles

Firefox shortcut keys
The most important shortcut keys for Firefox

Google compares broadband vendors
What Internet service providers in your area are capable of streaming video?

Private searching using Firefox, Chrome and Android
How to setup DuckDuckGo as your search engine with different platforms

The best Mobile Articles

Notebook and SSD Power Settings
How to make sure your notebook can wake up at night to do maintenance tasks.

How to wipe your phone before reselling
How to clean up your phone or tablet before reselling or giving it away.

Passwords on phones and tablets
Tips for using Keepass on phones and tablets

Checking your mobile browser's integrity
How well does your browser implement SSL? Particularly important for mobile browsers.

The Best Business Articles

How to use the OCS Website
My website has a wealth of information that has accumulated over the years. Here's some tips for getting to it.

I wipe hard drives
The process I use for wiping hard drives. What my drive wiping service provides.

How to use the Windows Calculator
It does so much more than I'd thought it did.

The best Hardware Articles

Patching your router
The importance of patching your router occasionally. These devices do spring holes.

Chromebooks, computer appliances
Who should get a chromebook? What do the do?

The Best Articles For fun

Better way to peel kiwi fruit
This is a better way to peel a kiwi fruit.

Buying ebooks
About Digital Rights Management, where to buy ebooks, where to get them for free and how tomanage your library.

A fabulous site for getting great Ebooks for very little money. I've spent about $20 for the last 20 books I've purchased through this site. Most of them were pretty good. A few were great.

Trick shot Titus
This kid can shoot.

Date: December 2014

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