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Amazon LogoAmazon Account Recovery

I am reviewing account recovery options for various companies. In December I did an article on account recovery with Google. Account recovery is the policy the company has if someone says they are you and has forgotten their password. If someone tries to login to your Amazon account and claims they have forgotten your password, a password reset email is sent to your email address. Here is Amazon's 1 minute 36 second video showing you how easy it is to reset your password if you forget it.

What this means is that if someone breaks into your email account, they can quickly change your Amazon account password and have total control of your Amazon account as well. Then they can change the email address on the Amazon account and you will be entirely locked out. Good luck solving that problem.

What you need to do

This shows you how very important it is to have a very strong email account password. If you email provider, (Comcast, Yahoo, Google, GoDaddy etc) gets broken into and the password information hacked, a strong password will still make it impossible for them to access your account. A weak password and they are in.

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Date: February 2015

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