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Monitor your email for breaches

Article for: Everyone. Do it.
Difficulty: Very easy
Importance: Important

Our private information is constantly being collected, sold and lost. Often, when a company loses our email address, physical address, passwords or other information, they do not tell us. This is one reason we should never use the same password in multiple locations because it is rather likely that some company will lose it along with our email address. Then miscreants will attempt to use it and variations elsewhere.

We can never know how much of our information is out there and available to miscreants for fraudulent use. They often post these hacked lists of private information on the dark web for miscreants to use. Frequently they post the company that lost them.

Six different companies (that I know of), have lost my primary email address. I had accounts with two of them (Yahoo and Adobe). The other four were businesses that collected and sold my information and lost it to hackers. Those four never told me they lost my information. I didn't even know they had it.

The Mozilla foundation, along with Firefox have started a new service to allow you to check whether your information was lost and by whom. After checking, you can sign up for a full report and monitoring. Do it. Do this for all your email addresses. This is for everyone, not only for Firefox users.

Date: January 2019

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