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How Do You Switch from OCS Password to KeePass?


What I've done

  • I worked with a programmer to write a program to convert current password databases into a text file I could import into KeePass. All your information and notes will be converted except for the date you created the record. The Company and Program will be merged into Keepass's Title field. Version and contact are added to your notes field. All notes are brought forward including the formatting.
  • I wrote instructions and made screencasts to make the transition as easy as possible.
  • If I convert your data for  you, I'll send you back your file and then securely erase all  your data.
  • I will not charge you to convert the data from OCS Passwords to KeePass.


What I want you to do

You can just start using KeePass instead of my program. However, if you'd like all your passwords converted to the new program, I can help you do that.

Send me your passwrd.tps file and call me with the short simple password you want used on the new program. You'll normally find the file in c:\security\passwords. I'll email you back a Keepass database with all your passwords in it. It will be encrypted with the password you sent me. You can download Keepass at: http://keepass.info/download.html. You want version 2.17 installer for Windows. The program is free and open source.

Watch the introductory video at: http://www.screencast.com/t/RgJjbdYF0p

Read the Quickstart guide that follows.

That is all that is necessary, but it would be helpful to read more of the information in this newsletter to learn to get the most from KeePass.


Date: October 2011

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