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Keepass Update

Article for: Keepass Users
Difficulty: Moderate
Importance: May help you get more out of Keepass
Keepass has updated to version 2.42.1. Along with this update were some great new features and a menu re-organization which makes it easier to find some obscure features. I'll cover the highlights.

Particularly useful new features

  • Reorganized the menu structure to make things easier to find. The Group, Entry, and Find menus are new. The Edit menu is gone. Its items become choices in the other menus.
  • Made a new Auto-Type function to enter just the password, instead of Username, Tab, Password, Enter. You can change it, but it is originally set to Ctrl-Alt-Shift-A.
  • Added a feature to copy the URL to the clipboard. This is set to Shift-Click. Normal double clicking still launches the browser on that URL. You can also copy the URL with Ctrl-Shift-u.

Features you might have missed (both useful and cool)

  • Group (folders)
    • Rearrange: to move groups (folders) around or sort them
    • Print: Will print an entire group
  • Entry
    • URL: Let's you open the URL of the selected entry in any installed browser!
    • Re-arrange: move entries around within a group.
    • Data Exchange > Print entry: lets you print a selected entry.
  • Find
    • Find: A much more complex search where you can choose which fields are searched.
    • Last modified entries: What have you added recently?
    • Duplicate passwords
    • Similar passwords both pairs and clusters
    • Password Quality. Find those weak passwords

Keepass continues to be an excellent way to store and manage your passwords.

Date: June 2019

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