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Moda Health Insecurity

Here is a copy of an email I sent to Moda Health regarding the security of my medical information and online account.

"You have the following sever security problems that should be corrected:
  1. Only short insecure passwords are accepted. This probably means you are storing the passwords instead of hashing them. This is terrible.
  2. You are still supporting SSL2 - This should not be supported.
  3. You support weak key exchanges
  4. You support weak cipher suites.
The bottom 3 will allow a man in the middle to compromise an SSL connection.
You can run the SSL tests yourself and get feedback on how to mitigate at: https://ssllabs.com "

This doesn't seem unusual. I had similar results checking out Kaiser and Providence as well as every doctor's portal I tested.

However, every bank I've tested, as well as Amazon and Google do things properly.

Here's an overview picture from ssllabs from a report on February 18, 2014.

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Date: February 2014

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