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More Facebook Villainy

Recent Timeline

  • March 2018: Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal revealed that they allowed Cambridge Analytica to harvest millions of users' personal data without their consent.
  • June 2018: Wall Street Journal reveals that Facebook struck customized data-sharing deals with select companies to access users' private information. Facebook had previously declared it protected that information.
  • October 2018: Engadget and others revealed that Facebook sells the phone numbers you give them for two factor authentication.
  • March 2019: Facebook discovers that its 20,000 employees have had access to 600 million user's passwords on plain text. They should never save passwords in plain text. They should process passwords into a 256 bit blob which gets recorded. How this could have happened is beyond comprehension.
  • March 2019: FTC announces an investigation of the misuse of 50 million Facebook users' personal information.
  • April 2019: Facebook announces that it will stop using new users email passwords to steal access to all their email contacts.
  • May 2019: Sf Gate and AP report that Facebook generates extremist images to promote violent extremist sites. Not only do they fail to get rid of violent content, they use that content, including beheadings, to create promotional videos for the sites. However, they do remove sites that some people complain about.

What data do they collect?

  • Every message you ever sent
  • All your posts
  • Every file you ever sent
  • Every file sent to you
  • All your phone contacts
  • All audio messages
  • Your stickers
  • What it thinks might interest you
  • Things you and your friends talk about, share or have liked
  • Time, place, IP address and device when you log in.
  • Applications connected to your Facebook account
  • Like buttons track anyone who visits a page whether clicked or not
  • When you sign up you give: Name, gender, date of birth, email or mobile phone number

What can you do?

  • If an account is unnecessary for your lifestyle, don't get one or close any you have.
  • Do not use Facebook to login to websites. Use your password manager.
  • Here is an article about limiting Facebook's data collection. I cannot vouch for it as I've never had a Facebook account.

Date: June 2019

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