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KeePass Portable

In addition to the normally installed Keepass program for Windows, there are also excellent options that use this database for Android and IOS. My strong recommendation is KeePass2Android Offline for Android phones and tablets. However, it might be nice to have all your passwords with you and accessible from another computer that doesn't have KeePass installed. KeePass portable serves that function. Just download KeePass portable from their website. In the download section, be sure and choose the newer Professional Edition, not the old Classic. Then instead of the Installer version, choose the Portable version as shown below.

Simply unzip the download onto a folder on your flash drive.

I really like the metal Kingston Data Traveler that fits on my key chain. It is so small, I don't even realize it is on my key chain. The metal is thick enough where it connects to the keychain that it isn't likely to break. I lost a drive that way once. Now, wherever I am, I have my passwords on both my phone and my key chain.

Currently Amazon is selling it for about $20 for the 32 Gig version or $10 for the 16 Gig version.

Date: February 2014

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