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iStorage Encrypted Drives

iStorage drives are hardware encrypted USB drives that are very secure. They include a keypad to enter your pin and which locks you out after 5 tries. Then the drive must be removed and re-entered. After 15 failures, the drive contents are essentially destroyed. For this reason, these drives appear to be impervious to brute force attacks. They all include a physical keypad to enter you 7 to 15 character pin. Most of their drive options include tamper-proof technology as well, so if someone tries to open it up, it destroys the encryption keys.

The benefit of this hardware encryption is that the drive is always encrypted. The entry of the pin is immune to keyloggers or screenloggers. No software is needed. They have a small battery and the pin is entered and remembered for a very short time while you plug the drive into the computer. That way the computer and any software on it is unaware of the pin code.

This basic design is available in a wide variety of configurations at a wide range of prices. Some use flash memory like a USB drive, some use spinning hard drives, and some SSDs. They come in a wide variety of sizes from 16 GB to 5 TB. They also come in a variety of colors. A PDF product matrix is available here.

iStorage is a British company but their products are available on Amazon and NewEgg.

Date: November 2017

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