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Keeping your computer healthy

There are a few simple things you can do to keep your computers working optimally. It is surprising how many people fail to do these simple things.

Close your programs every night

Close your programs at the end of each day. If you leave your computer running all the time, it is a good idea to close all your programs at the end of every day. If a child doesn't clean up his or her toys each day, soon there is a terrible mess. Similarly, if you do not close your programs every day, they begin to get confused, misplace things, lose memory, and create problems. So, close your programs every day and then re-open them the next morning.

Reboot your computer every week

Re-boot your computer each week. Perhaps designate Monday mornings as reboot time. Most computers misplace 1 or 2 percent of their memory every day. By the end of the week, they've lost 7 to 15 percent of their total memory. Of course, if you turn your computer off every night, the memory is restored each morning. Otherwise you'll need to re-boot weekly. Why does the computer lose its memory? I currently have:
  • 7 applications open, which cause
  • 68 background processes to run.
  • In addition, there are 28 Windows processes running,
  • and another 37 Windows sub-processes running.

This is pretty normal. So over 100 processes and applications are running. While they run, they take notes and need to remember things, like what they are doing so they can continue if interrupted. When they are done doing things, they are supposed to return all the memory back to Windows for re-use. They don't always succeed. So, as time goes on, more and more memory is lost to Windows, until there isn't enough to do what you want. Then things become slow or even crash! Closing programs helps, but rebooting your computer restores all the lost memory.

Reboot your phone and any tablet once a week as well. They have the same issues as your computer.

Empty Your Trash

Every few days, empty your trash bin.

Uninstall unused programs

If you use a program keep it up to date. If you do not use it. Uninstall it. A couple times a year, go through your program list and uninstall the software you don't use.

Date: February 2017

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