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Label your wires

Article for: All Computer Users
Difficulty: Moderate
Importance: Very important

My new favorite is Wrap-It storage. They have a wide range of products, but the ones I am recommending are their colored velcro labels for cords and wires. Wrap-it makes wraps for many purposes, like holding a long electric cord together for storage or carrying, but I'm only dealing with their hook and loop (velcro) label wraps. They sell many types or wraps in stores, including their store, Home Depot and Amazon.

For labeling cords

For some cables, I've used the mini multi-color labels. You get 60 in a pack for $15 from Amazon. You color match these small labels, so it takes two labels per cord, one for each end with the same color.


This makes it a lot easier to figure out which of the block plugs belongs to the device you are replacing while you are crawling on the floor under your desk. Often there is no need to label cords as the blue on one end matches the blue on the other and red matches red. Just attach the same color to both ends of the cable.

For the same price they can get 30 medium size labels.


These are big enough to write on. Remember, 30 labels only label 15 cords because they go on both ends. I use them for cords, but also to label other things like my spare keys. I recently went through all my keys and labeled the house keys, shed keys, padlock storage keys and mailbox keys. Then I put them in a sandwich bag and felt super organized. I like these labels a lot.

They also have what they call regular labels, which have 36 multi-color labels for $15. I haven't tried these, but they are bigger than the mini labels and smaller than the medium labels.

These labels sure make it easier when you are crawling on the floor trying to figure out which plug to unplug, or which wire controls your printer, or whether that key is for the shed or mailbox.

I admit, my labeling solution won't really fix this.

But, if your cables aren't this bad, it should help.

Date: September 2021

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