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Laptop temperature control

This cooling stand lowers your laptop's temperature, thus prolonging its life. If you have a laptop, it is worth checking out.

I got this email from a client who was frequently getting overheating warnings from CoreTemp. It was often running over 170 degrees. Heat lowers life expectancy and reliability. I recommended a laptop stand with fans which is powered by the USB cable and provides USB ports, so you don't end up losing one.

I don't use a laptop (I'm in love with my tablet), so I haven't tried it, but it looked good.

Hi Steve
I just wanted to let you know that I ordered and received that cooling pad you recommended. I started using it last Friday and the Temp on the Laptop has drastically lowered. It's running about 77 Degrees now!

Thanks :)
PLUS it glows at night with pretty cool colors which you can change!!

This is the one I recommended.

Date: June 2022

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