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Tips for Prolonging Battery Life

Here are simple suggestions for prolonging the life of your phone or tablet battery.

  • Dim screen brightness and use darker colored background. The screen uses most of your battery.
  • Use an ad-blocker if you use the Internet much. At least half the battery life viewing web pages is sucked out by ads. Often more than half. 1Blocker for iPhone. Ghostery privacy browser for Android.
  • Turn off as many pushes as possible. Every program that pushes information to you, emails, or even notifications, requires making a connection and checking. This consumes battery power. See how many of these push notifications you can turn off and return to simply checking yourself a few times a day.
  • Store stuff locally, don't stream it. Download as much of your music, podcasts, images, and audio books as possible. Then listen to them from your phone rather than stream them.
  • Weak WiFi or cell connection will reduce your battery. The device will search for better connections and that will cost battery life. Turn off you WiFi or cell service instead if you are in an area with poor reception. You might also upgrade your router if you have poor receptions in various rooms of your home or office.
  • Check your battery usage screen to see what's using your battery. Perhaps you can use those programs less or remove notification or push from them.
  • Disable location services if apps don't need it.
  • Go to: Settings/Apps/app configuration and you'll probably see a list of settings and you can choose which applications use location.
  • On my Samsung device: which apps can use location is stored under Privacy not Apps,
  • Use a battery saving mode if you phone has it. The manufacturers do a pretty good job optimizing battery life in those modes if you can use them.
  • Do not run phone all the way down and charge only up to about 80% - App AccuBattery can be useful for this. This will preserve battery longevity, not necessarily make it last longer in a particular session.
In general the battery saving apps do not work. Closing down your programs, cleaning memory or breathing through the left nostril twice for each right nostril breath have not been found to change battery life.

Date: February 2017

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