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Planning the transfer to your new computer

Make an Image just before setting up the new computer.

One thing that is extremely useful is an image of your complete system. I recommend Macrium Reflect or Acronis True Image for images. This should be part of your normal backup routine, but in addition, just before setting up the new computer, make a complete system image including both programs and data.

The big advantage to having an image, sitting on the external drive you use for backup, is that it is there if you need it. So, if after a few days, or weeks, you find you need some file that didn't get transferred, you can mount the image and have access to everything from old computer.

So if some set of pictures or videos or templates that didn't get transferred to the new computer end up being needed, no problem. You mount the image, find the file in that image and copy it over. There is no need to setup the old machine or access its drive. Everything will be on that image and you'll have access to it in less than a minute.


  • Start listing all the programs you use at least a month before buying the new computer.
  • Download those programs or find the CDs for installation. You may need to email vendors or buy updated versions if the old versions aren't available.
  • Check for license numbers and compatibility with the new version of Windows.
  • If you have more than one monitor, check the video cables you are using and see if you will need new ones.


I have a number of useful forms here. These include:

  • A new computer checklist (what to do to make the transition easier)
  • Added Costs (What are the additional costs your are likely to incur?
  • Choosing a new tower computer (help thinking about the trade offs of cost and performance for ram, cpu, type of drive etc.)
  • New Notebook (help thinking about the tradeoffs involved in choosing a new notebook computer).

Date: May 2015

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